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6,7 of 10 runtime 1 H 26Min Timothy Reckart Rating 5856 Votes Gina Rodriguez. Jon, the evil and lonely trailer maker: FML, I'm going to spoil them the whole movie. It’s the story of the first Christmas told from “an entirely different perspective. ” Here is the first trailer for The Star, a holiday entry in which the animals run the asylum — or village, in this case. Sony Animation The Walking Dead ‘s Steven Yuen stars as Bo, a donkey who years for a life beyond his daily grind. When finally he summons the courage to break free, his adventure leads to making friends with a flockless sheep (Aidy Bryant) and ambitious dove (Keegan-Michael Key). Little do they know, but they and a group of eccentric camels and stable animals are about to become unlikely heroes in the Greatest Story Ever Told. Directed by Timothy Reckart from Carlos Kotkin’s script, the toon features a diverse, big-name voice cast that also includes Zachary Levi as Joseph and, in a rather meta bit of casting, Jane the Virgin ‘s Gina Rodriguez as Mary. Christopher Plummer plays the villainous King Herod. The animal Kelly Clarkson, Patricia Heaton, Kristin Chenoweth, Anthony Anderson, Ving Rhames, Gabriel Iglesias. Also along for the journey are Tyler Perry, Tracy Morgan and Oprah Winfrey as a trio of wise-cracking camels. The film is produced by DeVon Franklin, Lisa Henson, Brian Henson and Jennifer Magee-Cook. The film from Sony Pictures Animation and Affirm Films in association with Walden Media features a new title song by Mariah Carey, and the trailer sports a contemporary take on Stevie Wonder’s yuletide classic “That’s What Christmas Means to Me” by Saving Forever. Columbia Pictures starts decking the megaplex halls with The Star on November 10. Check out the trailer above, and tell us what you think.

Kids movie graphics seems like they're getting worse. The star: the story of the first christmas party. Even there is no relation between christmas and the bible. Um, why are we getting constant predictable animal movies? It's not funny anymore. 0:42 That's going to cause her to trip and miscarry. The star the story of the first christmas trailer. Critics Consensus Both warmly nostalgic and darkly humorous, A Christmas Story deserves its status as a holiday perennial. 89% TOMATOMETER Total Count: 57 88% Audience Score User Ratings: 285, 784 A Christmas Story Ratings & Reviews Explanation A Christmas Story Videos Photos Movie Info In the 1940's, in the town of Hammond, 9-year-old Ralphie wants one thing for Christmas -- an official Red Ryder BB rifle. When he asks his mother for the BB gun for Christmas, she says, "No, you'll shoot your eye out". When he writes an essay about it at school his teacher gives him a C+ with a note saying "You'll shoot your eye out. " Next he asks Santa for the gun, Santa's response is familiar, he says, "You'll shoot your eye out, kid. " Ralph fears that he'll never get the BB gun for Christmas. But there may be a surprise in store for him. Rating: PG Genre: Directed By: Written By: In Theaters: Nov 18, 1983 wide On Disc/Streaming: Sep 28, 1999 Runtime: 93 minutes Studio: MGM Cast News & Interviews for A Christmas Story Critic Reviews for A Christmas Story Audience Reviews for A Christmas Story A Christmas Story Quotes Movie & TV guides

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This is beautiful. Moved me to tears. Merry Christmas everyone Jesus is the reason for the season. This Trailer is cool.

The Star: The Story of the First christmas carol

The star: the story of the first christmastmas. "Christmas was on its way. Lovely, glorious, beautiful Christmas, around which the entire kid year revolved. " Based on humorist Jean Shepherd 's autobiographical short stories, directed by Bob Clark, and narrated by Shepherd himself, the 1983 film A Christmas Story lovingly and hilariously depicts a childhood Christmas in 1940s America. Nine-year-old Ralphie Parker (Peter Billingsley) wants one thing and only one thing for Christmas: a BB gun. It's not just any BB gun he wants, either; his heart is set on an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle with a compass in the stock (and this thing which tells time). But his mother, his teacher, and even the department store Santa tell him, in an ever-deepening refrain, "You'll shoot your eye out! " In the meantime, we're treated to numerous amusing episodes involving Ralphie, his parents (Darren McGavin and Melinda Dillon), his kid brother Randy (Ian Petrella), and various other inhabitants of Hohman, Indiana. The film, which was primarily drawn from material in Shepard's 1966 book In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash, has come to be embraced as a perennial holiday favorite. It eventually spawned a play, as well as such sort-of sequels as the made-for-TV The Star-Crossed Romance of Josephine Cosnowski (1985) and Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss (1988) and the theatrical It Runs in the Family (1994) note, all of which are notable in that none of the original film's cast members appear in any of the others (save actress Tedde Moore [Miss Shields], who appears in the latter). A Direct-to-Video sequel called A Christmas Story 2 was released on October 30th, 2012. You can watch the trailer for it here. A Screen-to-Stage Adaptation for the first film went to Broadway that same year, followed by another national tour the next holiday season. A live telecast of that same musical aired on Fox in December 2017. Information can be found on That Other Wiki, of course. The films provide examples of the following tropes:     open/close all folders       The original 1983 Movie  Adults Are Useless: Played with. While the kids are aware that their parents care for and love them, they also know there are some things you do as kids that they'd best not find out. Ralphie (narrating): (responding to a teacher's attempt to guilt her class into confessing what happened to Flick) Adults loved to say things like that but kids know better. We knew darn well it was always better not to get caught. All There in the Script: The shooting script for the film reveals that the old man's first name is Frank. No first name is provided for Mrs Parker. The book "A Christmas Story Treasury" by Tyler Schwarz includes a facsimile of the Western Union telegram announcing that Mr Parker is the recipient of a major award. The telegram is addressed to Frank Parker. The Alleged Car: The Old Man's 1937 Oldsmobile. Aluminum Christmas Trees: Angrish: To keep the film kid-friendly, strings of profanity are rendered as vaguely obscene-sounding gibberish: The Old Man's string of profanities when battling the furnace. Mrs. Schwartz’s frenzied screeching while beating her son. Ralphie flies into this when beating Scut. The only intelligible phrase is "son of a bitch". Annoying Laugh: Farkus' laugh seemed intentionally obnoxious, playing up his trait of the monstrous and crazy bully. Arc Words: "You'll shoot your eye out, " a warning of what may, and (sort of) does, happen if Ralph were to get the BB gun. Artistic License – Geography: Even though the film is set in Indiana, there are multiple references to Higbee's, a defunct department store chain based in Ohio. (In fact, the scenes were actually shot at Higbee's flagship in Cleveland. ) Asian Speekee Engrish: The kitchen staff at the Chinese restaurant sing Christmas carols with Japanese Ranguage. The manager is embarrassed and interrupts them to try to correct their pronunciation. Aside Glance: Ralphie looks straight into the camera and grins after tricking his mom into believing that an icicle, rather than his BB gun, was what hit him in the face. He also pulls one in the "soap poisoning" Imagine Spot as his family fawns over him in grief, all the more impressive because he's wearing sunglasses while imagining himself to be blind. Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: After bickering for most of the movie, Mother and The Old Man share a romantic moment of watching the snow fall next to the tree at the end. Barbaric Bully: Scut Farkus. Behind the Black: Farkus surprising the three by hanging upside down in the schoolyard. A little hard to see both how anyone didn't notice he was there, or what he was hanging upside-down from. Berserk Button: Mrs. Schwartz doesn't take too kindly to finding out about her son's supposed swearing. The Old Man has several (his furnace, his car, his kids' roller-skates, the Bumpus' dogs). Oddly enough, when the dogs invade the house and eat his beloved turkey, The Old Man just wearily tells his family to get dressed to go out to eat. Berserker Tears: Ralphie while beating Farkus to a bloody pulp. Big "NO! ": Ralphie, after Santa pushes him down the slide upon telling him that he'll shoot his eye out with a Red Ryder BB gun. Big "OMG! ": Mrs. Shields, when she learns where Flick is the hard way. Also, Ralphie: "Oh my God, I shot my eye out! " Black Dude Dies First: When Ralphie gets his BB gun and fantasizes about shooting the villains, the black guy gets shot first. Brick Joke: When Ralphie writes his "What I Want For Christmas" essay, he says that a football wouldn't be a good present. Later, when he's on Santa's knee and choking when he's asked what he wants, Santa suggests a nice football. Buffy Speak: The "Red Ryder carbine-action, two hundred shot Range Model air rifle with a compass in the stock and a thing which tells time. " The Bully: Scut Farkus, and to a lesser extent, his toady Grover Dill. Bumbling Dad: The Old Man, played masterfully by Darren McGavin. He does strange things and is a bit detached, but you can tell he genuinely loves his family. Butt-Monkey: Flick, Farkus's most frequent target as well as the poor sap that gets his tongue stuck on a pole. Ralph whenever he falls victim to the response of "You'll shoot your eye out! " every time he requests a BB Gun as a Christmas present, and a few other letdowns as a result of him being a habitual daydreamer. Randy whenever he is pressured into wearing an incredibly thick snowsuit. The Old Man, on account of how he always falls victim to having to deal with something going wrong with mechanical devices, with the exception of one item; and having to be the victim of dozens of a neighbors' dogs always intruding. Cassandra Truth: Mrs. Schwartz correctly deduces that Ralphie learns the F-word from his father, yet his mom still insists it was from Schwartz himself, despite hearing The Old Man swear as much as everyone else. Change the Uncomfortable Subject: Ralphie's mom uses football to take the Old Man's mind off Ralphie's fight. Chekhov's Gunman: The Bumpus' hounds. They're minor, amusing annoyances—until they destroy the turkey. Chinese Ranguage: The staff caroling in the Chinese restaurant. "Tis the season to be jorry. Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra, ra, ra". May be an in-universe joke, since the manager, who has a better grasp of pronouncing the English language yells at them for doing it and they immediately switch to "Jingle Berrs". Cloud Cuckoolander: Ralphie, especially when Miss Shields has to snap him out of his daydreaming. The kid in the aviator helmet waiting in line to see Santa. He creeps Ralphie out. Cluster F-Bomb: Averted through heavy use of euphemisms, but repeatedly implied. Ralphie (narrating): In the heat of battle, my father wove a tapestry of obscenities that as far as we know is still hanging in space over Lake Michigan. Cool Down Hug: How Ralphie's mom ends the beat down he gives Scut. Comical Overreacting: Schwartz's mom, to Schwartz's supposed cursing. Competition Coupon Madness: In order to get the coveted Little Orphan Annie decoder ring — which is required to decode the show's secret message — Ralphie must send in an ungodly number of Ovaltine labels. He collects these labels religiously, drinking Ovaltine far past the point where he's come to hate the stuff, until finally he's collected enough and sends away for the decoder ring. When the ring arrives in the mail, he uses it to decode the secret message, which reads: Be sure to drink your Ovaltine. Corpsing: Melinda Dillon and Darren McGavin struggle not to laugh during the soap poisoning scene, and a couple of times, McGavin and Dillon hide their faces in their hands to cover up the fact that they're laughing instead of over the top crying. Creator Cameo: The man who directs Ralphie and Randy to the back of the line to see Santa is Jean Shepherd (and the woman in the red hat next to him is Shepherd's co-writer and Real Life wife Leigh Brown). Man in Line for Santa: Young man. Hey, kid! Just where do you think you're going? Ralphie: Going up to see Santa. Man in Line for Santa: The line ends here. It begins there. Also, director Bob Clark as Swede. Swede: Hey, Parker, what is that? Mr. Parker: Don't bother me now, Swede, can't you see I'm busy? Swede: Yeah, but what is that? Mr. Parker: I-i-i-it-uh-It's a major award! Swede: A Major Award? Shucks, I wouldn'ta knowed that. It looks like a lamp. Mr. Parker: It IS a lamp, you nincompoop. But it's a major award. I won it! Swede: Damn, hell, you say you won it? Mr. Parker: Yeah, mind power, Swede; mind power. Creepy Child: The kid with the goggles. "I like Santa. " Curb-Stomp Battle: Ralphie finally snaps and beats the tar out of Farkus while unleashing a string of profanities. Deadpan Snarker: The Old Man's reaction to Ralphie's bunny pyjamas. "He looks like a deranged Easter Bunny... " Disappointed in You: Mrs. Shields discusses and tries to invoke this after Flick is freed from the flagpole, having correctly deduced that his classmates coerced him into getting stuck to it tobegin with. Doom It Yourself: The Old man doesn't give the glue on his major award time to dry before he puts the shade on it, wrecking it beyond recognition. Dropped Glasses: Ralphie drops his glasses when confronted the last time by Scut Farkas. His brother picks them up while Ralphie pummels Scut. Ralphie also manages to shoot them off his face with the Red Ryder. Earn Your Happy Ending: In his DVD commentary Bob Clark admits that the ending is fuzzy and sentimental, but given the emotional rollercoaster the main characters spent the movie riding on and the irreverent tone of the rest of the film, the ending acts as a deserved redemption. '80s Hair: Ralphie's mom. Bit of Anachronism Stew. Everyone Has Standards: Even the callous mall Santa makes the effort to warn Ralphie, " You'll shoot your eye out! " with a BB gun. Evil Laugh: Farkus. Eye Scream: Everyone repeatedly tells Ralph he'll "shoot his eye out" if he gets a BB gun. Ralphie thinks he may have actually done that when he plays with the gun, but finds out that it only knocked off his glasses and didn't harm his eye. Face Palm: The Old Man's reaction to both the pink bunny costume and his wife cooing over it. Fall Guy: Flick, one of Ralphie's friends, is left to Farkus' mercy several times. (At one point, when his tongue becomes stuck to a metal pole, his friends even leave him stuck outside, and the authorities have to remove him from the pole. ) Fat Suit: Tedde Moore was pregnant during filming note, so she wore extra padding to hide it and make Miss Shields look more full-figured. Feet-First Introduction: The pink bunny suit. The camera starts at Ralphie's feet, and pans up. Feuding Families: The Old Man vs. The Bumpuses. Foreshadowing: Everyone keeps warning Ralphie that if he gets that BB gun, he'll shoot his eye out. He does get the BB gun for Christmas... and the first time he shoots, the pellet ricochets back into his face. Narrator: Oh my God, I shot my eye out! When the workmen bring the crate into the house and set it upright, the Old Man warns them to be careful. "Watch the lady! " Interesting considering they were delivering the only conflict that the couple has to handle between them during the film. The FRAGILE warning on the crate the lamp was delivered in. Flipping Helpless: Ralphie's little brother is dressed up in so many layers for the Indiana winter, he can't get back up when he falls down. Comes in handy when the boys run into Scut Farkus for the first time. Narrator: Randy lay there like a slug. It was his only defense. The '40s: The time-period in which this film takes place. note  Freak Out! : Ralphie's beatdown of Farkus. "Something had happened. A fuse blew and I had gone out of my skull. " Mrs. Schwartz on the phone.... Careful with That Axe -type shrieking, Angrish & and an epic beating that's Played for Laughs. Generation Xerox: Ralphie and his father are more alike than it initially seems. Both employ a long list of expletives whenever they lose their tempers. Both are very excited when they believe they have won a particular prize. Ralphie is pretty cynical for a kid, and it seems he gets it from his old man, who can also be a bit grumpy. After Ralphie unwraps his BB gun in front of his parents, his old man notes with nostalgia that he also had one when he was Ralphie's age. Genki Girl: Esther Jane in the stage show. Getting Crap Past the Radar: After the Old Man gets his nuts squashed with his Christmas gift, a bowling ball, he announces what he got to the room. Well, it's a blue ball! A "scut" is a tail of animals like rabbits and deer, and in human anatomy is another term for the external fleshy part of a woman's reproductive organs located near the buttocks. The Ghost: The Bumpuses, again. Good Parents: Oh so very much. Gosh Dang It to Heck! : The father is a notorious curser, but his vulgar tirades are rendered in the film as meaningless Angrish. Some of his dialogue that did contain swearing was redubbed after an initial review by the MPAA. For example, right before the tire blows out, the Old man says "dad gummit, " but those who can read lips can see him say "goddammit. " Later lampshaded in the scene in which Ralphie helps his father change a flat tire. After the nuts get knocked out of the hubcap he was holding, he shouts out "Oh, fudge! " Only, as he points out himself, he didn't actually say "fudge". "It was the word! The big one! The queen mother of dirty words... The " F - dash-dash-dash " word! " From the store Santa: "If Higbee thinks I'm working one minute past nine he can kiss my foot! " Happily Married: Not even the "Legendary Battle of the Lamp" can permanently derail Ralphie's parents. One of the final scenes is them both marveling in the play of the Christmas lights on the falling snow, arm-in-arm. Hair of the Dog: On Christmas morning, the Old Man is rubbing his head and grimacing as if he has a hangover. Apparently a morning bottle of wine is a Christmas tradition at Ralphie's house. After a glass of wine, he is back to his usual self. Heroic BSoD: After Santa Claus, Ralphie's final hope at getting a Red Ryder BB gun, tells him he'll shoot his eye out, Ralphie is left staring blankly up at the ceiling until his parents come to find him. Homemade Sweater from Hell: Not technically a sweater, but Ralphie's homemade bunny outfit counts. Honest John's Dealership: The tree salesman comes across as this, given some of his sub-par trees. Hypocritical Humor: When the family is leaving to get a Christmas tree, the mom goes inside to turn off the leg lamp, explaining to the Old Man that she doesn't want to waste electricity. Cut to a shot of the house with every other light left burning. Imagine Spot: Many. Innocent Blue Eyes: It's kind of hard to ignore Ralphie's bright blue eyes throughout the course of the film, especially considering the narrative. Innocent Swearing: Subverted, then double subverted. Ralphie knows exactly what, ahem, "fudge" means, but considering he's only imitating his father, one could say he should get off the hook. Which he does after beating up Farkus, during which time he was swearing profusely. Inverted with Schwartz; in no way is his swearing innocent. The third word out of his mouth is a swear word, for goodness' sakes. Instant Soprano: The Old Man, after his Christmas gift (a bowling ball) is unceremoniously dumped onto his tender bits. Intentional Engrish for Funny: The singers at the Chinese restaurant clearly have very little skill with English phonetics. Iris Out Its Pronounced Tro PAY: Inverted when Dad reads the outside of the crate containing his newly-arrived major award. Dad: Ah. "Fra-gee-lay".. must be Italian. Mom: I think that says "fragile", honey. It's the Best Whatever, Ever! : In narration, Ralphie declares that the leg lamp "was, indeed, a lamp", and refers to it as "the soft glow of electric sex". Parker can't stop raving about the lamp himself. Jerkass: Farkus, big time. Makes it hard to feel sorry for him when he's getting his No Holds Barred Beat Down by Ralphie. Santa's main elf shoves the kids down the slide with sadistic glee. The lady elf isn't exactly a ray of sunshine either. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: The Old Man. He's gruff and cynical, but he's the one who gets Ralphie the Red Ryder gun that he wants so much, despite literally every other person Ralphie mentions it to telling him "You'll shoot your eye out! Ralphie is also this. Like many young boys he can be materialistic or self-centered but he is also innocent and well-meaning. Karma Houdini: After Flick refuses to say who pressured him to stick his tongue on the pole, Ms. Shields tries to play their inevitable guilt as punishment enough. Ralphie's narration then smugly notes that this is an utter crock and all kids know it. Zigzagged with Schwartz. He doesn't suffer consequences for triple dog daring Flick into getting his tongue stuck to the flagpole since Flick refused to tell the teacher who put him up to it (though it seems like the teacher knows it had to be either him or Ralphie). On the other hand, while it is unconnected to the previous incident, Schwartz later gets an unexpected beating from his mother when Ralphie falsely tells his mother that he learned the F word from Schwartz instead of his father, which also makes his father a Karma Houdini. Then again, his Major Award was destroyed and the Christmas turkey was eaten by the neighbour's dogs. Large Ham: Again, the Old Man. NADDAFINGA!! SHADDAP RALPHIE! DON'T A-NY-BO-DY MOVE! HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! A FUSE IS OUT. SONSABITCHES!! BUMPUSES!!!! TONIGHT! TONIGHT! IT'S COMING TONIGHT! TONIGHT-TONIGHT-TONIGHT! HOT DAMN TONIGHT! YOUUU USED UP ALL THE GLUUUUE ON PURPOSE!! has to be Darren's HAMMIEST line. Just look at his face when he says it! Farkus with his Evil Laugh. Everybody during Ralphie's fantasy daydreams. Ms. Shields is a particular standout ("A Plus-Plus-Plus-Plus...! "), as are the parents' reactions to "Soap poisoning". Leitmotif: The Bumpus Hounds, with "Chicken Reel" of all things. And Scut Farkus with the Wolf's theme from Peter and the Wolf. (Interesting side note: "Farkus" comes from the Hungarian word for wolf. ) The first time Scut shows up, Ralphie and his brother and pals are accompanied by the Little Bird's theme from that same piece. And the fast-motion Running Gag of the kids getting chased by Scut everyday is a bit of The William Tell Overture. Ralphie's Imagine Spot of rescuing his family from Black Bart finds him accompanied by "On the Trail" from Grofé's Grand Canyon Suite. Last Resort Takeout: After the Christmas Turkey gets ravaged by the Bumpus' dogs, the family resorts to eating at the local Chinese restaurant. Lemony Narrator: Considering the narrator is Ralph, looking back at the events of his childhood from years later, this isn't surprising. Literally Prized Possession: The leg lamp is a "major award" that Ralphie's dad wins in a contest and proudly displays in the window. It's a ridiculous lamp, but he prizes it simply because he won it. Also, the Orphan Annie decoder that Ralphie drinks so much Ovaltine for turns out to be nothing but an advertising gimmick, leaving him disillusioned. MacGuffin: The BB gun. Ralphie's desire for it drives the plot, because it helps him endure some difficult adolescent rites-of-passage (dealing with bullies, disappointing your parents, falling prey to peer pressure, things not living up to expectation). Mall Santa: Higbee's mall Santa and his elf helpers are particularly disgruntled, either because all of the children scream when placed on his lap or as the cause of it. Match Cut: Used for particularly humorous effect; a scene transitions from Randy lifting the lid of a toilet and getting ready to use it to a close-up of the mother lifting the lid off a pot of unappetizing boiled cabbage. Mock Guffin: Ralphie learns too late that the Little Orphan Annie decoder ring was just a promotional ploy. Moe Greene Special: The reason everyone's afraid to buy Ralphie the BB gun he wants. Imagination: Ralphie. My Beloved Smother: Ralphie's mother at times, particularly in regards to his little brother. My God, What Have I Done? : After having his mouth washed out with soap, Ralphie has a daydream where he's blinded from soap poisoning. When he reveals the cause of his blindness to his parents, they amply break down and cry. The Old Man: I told you not to use Lifebuoy! When Flick gets his tongue stuck to the pole Schwartz can be heard saying "What have I done? " My Little Panzer: "You'll shoot your eye out! "; although, at the time the movie was made, Boys' Life magazine was still running ads for BB guns in every issue. My New Gift Is Lame: Ralphie receives a pink bunny suit from his aunt for Christmas. Ralph and Randy also don't care for socks. Narm: Done intentionally during Ralphie's imagination sequences. Narrative Profanity Filter: "Oh, fudge! " Only I didn't say "fudge"... Never Trust a Trailer: The original 1983 theatrical trailer makes it out to be more of a crude, broad anti-Christmas comedy than the warmly nostalgic entertainment it actually is. (This may actually have helped contribute to the movie's poor box office performance, as families with kids were scared away from seeing it to begin with and teenagers were disappointed by its failure to live up to the raunchy promise of the trailer. ) Nice Character, Mean Actor: The mall Santa is a cynical guy who's purely in it for the money and is planning to leave the second his agreed shift is over. However, he does warn Ralphie that a BB gun will shoot his eye out when he asks him for one. The elves are even worse, being openly mean to the kids. No Communities Were Harmed: The film, and the stories it's derived from, are set in fictional Hohman, Indiana, which is a slightly disguised version of Jean Shepherd's real-life hometown, Hammond, Indiana. note  No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Ralphie delivers a brutal one to Farkus. No Name Given: Mrs. Parker doesn't have a known first name, and Mr. Parker is only referred to as "The Old Man", even in the credits. Noodle Implements: Admittedly minor, but it's a "Red Ryder carbine-action, 200-shot, range model air rifle with a compass in the stock and a thing that tells time ". What kind of thing? Is it a clock or a sundial? No Peripheral Vision: When the teacher asks where Flick is after he stuck his tongue to the pole. The camera shot over her shoulder reveals that Flick was right there, out the window, right within her range of vision. Nostalgic Narrator: Adult Ralphie, voiced by Jean Shepherd himself. Oh, Crap! : Several instances. Bart: "Oh NO! It's.... " All Bandits: "OLD BLUE!! OH NO!! " The boys, when they hear Scut's menacing laugh. Turnabout later on, Grover gets a big one when he sees the muscle of their villainous duo is getting the ever-living crap knocked out of him. Flick (and most of the kids, for that matter) when his tongue freezes fast to the flagpole. The Old Man, seeing his precious major award has been shattered. Ralphie, realizing what he just said in front of his father. Ralphie again, when his last hope, Santa, refuses his request for the BB gun, citing the same reason all other adults have given. Both Parker parents, realizing the Bumpus Dogs have destroyed their Christmas dinner. Parental Hypocrisy: Ralphie's father, who is known for cursing a blue streak when tinkering with the furnace, is the one who tells his wife that Ralphie said the dreaded "F" word when he dropped the hubcap full of lug nuts. Parenthetical Swearing: Ralphie, when he drops the hubcap full of lug nuts: Ralphie: Oh fuuudge! Adult Ralphie: Only I didn't say fudge; I said the word, the big one, the queen mother of all dirty words, the "F-*-*-*" word! Mr. Parker [shocked]: What did you say? Mr. Parker: That's what I thought you said... Get in the car, go on! Pastiche: The original poster art is done in the style of a Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post cover, including putting A Christmas Story in the same font as the Post 's nameplate. Peking Duck Christmas: After the neighbors' dogs eat Mrs. Parker's turkey, Mr. Parker takes his family to a Chinese restaurant, where they eat Peking Duck (though Ralphie calls it "Chinese Turkey") and sing carols with the owners. Phrase Catcher: Everybody tells Ralphie, "You'll shoot your eye out! " when he tells them he wants a Red Ryder BB gun. Ping-Pong Naïveté: Mrs. Schwartz knows Ralph's father well enough to suspect him of being the one who taught Ralph the F word. But when she's being told that it was supposedly her son, she believes it so instantly and completely that she can't even be bothered to hang up the phone before she starts beating her son in a fit of rage (let alone interrogate him first). Playing Possum: Whenever Scut Farkus's gang teams up on Ralphie and Randy, Randy's defensive instinct is to lie on his back like a turtle. Precision F-Strike: Ralphie says, "Oh... fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudge! " when he drops the lugnuts, though the narration clarified, " Only I didn't say "fudge. " "Ovaltine? A crummy commercial? Son of a bitch! " Product Placement: A Show Within a Show example with the decoded message. "Be sure to drink your Ovaltine. " In Real Life, the Little Orphan Annie radio show DID have sponsors for Ovaltine on its show, and yes, they sent out decoder rings, but the secret messages weren't Ovaltine commercials. Peter Billingsley was already famous for being "Messy Marvin", the spokesperson for Ovaltine's competitor, Hershey's Chocolate Syrup (his commercials even call Ovaltine out). So this was also a bit of a meta-joke. Rage Breaking Point: After putting up with Farkus' crap all movie, Ralphie getting a snowball in the face on an already bad day is the last straw. Random Events Plot: Aside from the overall theme of Christmas approaching and Ralphie wanting the BB gun, the film is basically just one individual vignette following another. Reality Ensues: When Ralphie finally gets to try out his BB gun, he tapes the target to a piece of scrap metal. The BB ricochets back and hits him in the face. Red Right Hand: Farkus's yellow eyes; Grover Dill's green teeth. The Remake: While not a direct remake, several elements of the film were reused from Jean Shepherd's previous made-for-TV films about Ralphie Parker. 1976's Phantom of the Open Hearth includes a lengthy subplot about the Old Man's leg lamp, which was largely repeated (with only small alterations) for this film. Likewise, that film sees one of the Old Man's buddies being abandoned by his friends in the midst of a bad situation - a subtle inspiration for Flick's tongue/pole saga. The 1982 follow-up film, The Great American Fourth of July and Other Disasters, sees the first on-screen usage of 'You'll shoot your eye out' when Randy wants fireworks. Allegedly, an almost entirely unknown and never aired telefilm produced in 1978 for ABC contains many elements later used in this film, including the birth of "Ohhhhh, fudge" (albeit spoken by Randy). More of Phantom of the Open Hearth, specifically Mom's gravy boat catastrophe, ended up in the 1994 theatrical sequel It Runs in the Family. Retraux: Not really overtly so, but the film definitely has a style that's much more like a classic Hollywood production than something from The '80s, including things like using Wipes and Iris Outs as transitions. Peter Billingsley has said that one time a woman told him he looked like Ralphie but knew he obviously couldn't have been since the movie was made in the '40s. Rewatch Bonus: There are a lot of little details going on in this movie that are easy to miss, most of them very funny. Rule of Three: Two kids put small gifts on the teachers desk... followed by Ralphie bringing in a giant fruit basket, accompanied by a brief bit of Hawaiian steel guitar in the incidental music. How many times Ralphie is told that he'd shoot his eye out with the Red Ryder BB gun. Running Gag: The kids getting chased by Scut and Grover to and from school, with Randy lagging behind both groups. Ralphie being told, "You'll shoot your eye out! " Sycophantic Servant: Grover Dill is an embryonic, non-supernatural example. Safety Worst: Ralphie's mom overdresses his little brother to the point that he can't move his arms, just to protect him from catching a cold. Serious Business: A recurring theme, as the narrator explains a number of quaint anecdotes with humorous hyperbole to show how deadly important everything seems to be to a young boy. The narrator explains the rules of daring among the schoolboys. He notes that Schwartz makes a breech of etiquette by going from "double dog dare" to "triple dog dare, " skipping over "triple dare. " For his part, Flick reacts as if he has no choice but to comply with a triple dog dare, showing the gravity of the situation. Ralphies admission into the Little Orphan Annie fan club and decoding her secret message, entirely captivated by the marketing campaign. Ralphie's whole obsession with the Red Ryder BB gun. Shot in the Ass: In Ralphie's Imagine Spot about driving off a gang of robbers with his BB gun, he shoots one trying to escape right in the ass. Shout-Out: Or possibly Take That!, to Little Orphan Annie among others. The Wizard of Oz pops up from time to time, understandable considering the time period the film is set in as well as the fact MGM is responsible for both films. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs also appears in the window display, as it was released two years before Wizard of Oz. Shown Their Work: The flag atop the pole that Flick sticks his tongue on has 48 stars, since the story is set a couple decades before Alaska and Hawaii became states. Sleeping Single: We only see their bedroom briefly, but Mr. and Mrs. Parker have separate beds. Soap Punishment: Happens to Ralphie frequently enough that he has become "quite a connoisseur of soap". Spit Take: Mrs. Parker tries the Lifebuoy soap, and realizes that she really doesn't like it. Stop Being Stereotypical: The manager of the Chinese restaurant is fairly embarrassed and annoyed when his employees try to sing Christmas carols and have a little trouble with the "Ls". Strange Minds Think Alike: Everyone, from Ralphie teacher to the crass mall Santa warns Ralphie, "You'll shoot your eye out! " Stupid Statement Dance Mix: TBS made a set of these using clips of the film's most popular scenes, and uses them during their perennial marathon. Tagline: Peace. Harmony. Comfort and Joy... Maybe Next Year. Taps: Ralphie's Old Man buries the broken lamp in the back yard. Ralphie couldn't be sure, but he thought he heard Taps playing. Talking Lightbulb: The first time Scut Farkus appears, he's taunting the main characters from behind a fence. The fence slat he's hiding behind wiggles to indicate that's where the sound is coming from. Tears of Remorse: In Ralphie's fantasy, he dreams that his parents burst into tears in remorse for blinding him with soap. Tongue on the Flagpole: One of the most famous examples. Took a Level in Badass: After being teased one time too many by Scut Farkus to the point of tears, Ralphie gives Scut a beatdown he'll never forget, leaving Scut with a bloody nose. T-Word Euphemism: "It was the word! The big one! The queen mother of dirty words! The "F dash dash dash " word! Undercrank: In the Imagine Spot with Ralphie shooting the bad guys, they are in fast-motion. Also, the scene where Ralphie turns in his paper begins and ends with fast-motion scenes of the boys running to and from school, complete with chipmunk voices. There's another scene of that nature just before Ralphie gets his decoder pin. Unfortunate Names: With a name like "Scut Farkus", you might have become a bully, too. Unnamed Parent: Neither of Ralphie's parents are named; they're referred to as "my mother" and "my old man" throughout. Unreliable Narrator: Ralphie as an adult will sometimes describe things from the naive perspective of his younger self, such as swearing that Scut Farkus had yellow eyes. Ralphie also describes his childhood terror of being "destroyed" by his father, when throughout the film the father is the more indulging parent, while the mother is the disciplinarian. Unstoppable Rage: Ralphie flies into one when he finally snaps at Farkus. Wham Line: Narrator: Oh my God, I shot my eye out! Prior to that, a more heartwarming one when it looks like all of Ralphie's efforts have been for naught: The Old Man: Hey, what's that behind the desk over there? White Elephant: The pink bunny pajamas that Ralphie receives from his Aunt Clara. Who Names Their Kid "Dude"? : Discussed by the narrator: "What kind of parents would name their kid 'Scut? ' Still, I had to admit, the name suited him. " Flick's name is rather curious, though it's never explained whether this is a first name, a nickname, a last name or part of his last name. Shepherd based Flick on a Real Life childhood friend whose last name was Flickinger. With Friends Like These... : After Flick is triple dog dared to stick his tongue to the frozen flagpole, his friends decide to go back to class instead of trying to help him get unstuck.      A Christmas Story 2  Continuity Nod: Plenty to the first movie, the "Oh Fudge" slow motion, dealing with yet another rude mall Santa, an embarrassing outfit from their aunt, and of course, the infamous leg lamp. Determinator: Despite numerous setbacks, Ralphie does his best to try to earn the money for the damages to the car. It pays off in the end, when the car dealer lets him off the hook for exactly this reason. Does This Remind You of Anything? : Raphie rapidly banging his cymbals after smelling Drucilla's hair. Imagine Spot: Not as frequent as the first movie, but Ralphie has at least two of them. Mall Santa: Even worse than the first film; Ralphie calls him out on it. Riding into the Sunset Stalker with a Crush: Ralphie has a crush on a girl named Drucilla. One disturbing facet about this is that he also brings up her lavender scented shampoo. Errr... Stock Sound Effect: Baby Kate Cry: Variant: A group of people were rushing trying to get attention at once, including one of the women with her baby in a basket, which was crying until Ralphie wrapped it as a present. Time Skip: Six years after the first movie. Work Off the Debt: The main conflict of the movie. Ralphie accidentally damages a car while messing around in it and trying to rise the money to get it repaired.      The 2017 live show  Adaptational Attractiveness: Combined with an Age Lift; the middle aged Chinese carolers from the original are played here by the younger and more attractive acapella group, The Filharmonic. Could also be a case of Decomposite Character, since they're a quintet instead of a trio this time. Miss Shields falls under this too, since she's played by the beautiful Jane Krakowski. Adaptational Dye Job: Miss Shields is blonde here, while in the original film (and the stage musical), she has dark brown hair. Adaptational Expansion: Mrs. Schwartz, in the original film, was only heard as a voice over the phone. Here, she appears in person, and plays an expanded role with a song about Hanukkah, going as far as to tell Ralphie the dreaded "You'll shoot your eye out! " line when he states his desire for the BB gun. Breaking the Fourth Wall: Internally: Adult! Ralphie holds the door open for his mom, and the two make eye contact before she gets into the car. Colorblind Casting: Several of the characters were played by African-American actors, most notably Flick and Ralphie's mom (played by the biracial Maya Rudolph). Informed Judaism: Schwartz is Jewish in this version. Justified, considering Schwartz is a common Jewish surname. Late to the Realization: In this version, it's only after Adult! Ralphie describes the aftermath of him breaking his glasses that he finally realizes his mother was never fooled by the icicle story. Leaning on the Fourth Wall: After the singers at the Chinese restaurant perform "Deck the Halls" in perfect harmony and diction (rather than the Asian Speekee Engrish version from the original film), the Old Man comments that that's not what he expected (the owner of the restaurant even asks, "What were you expecting? " in a passive-agressive tone). An example of a Justified Trope, as keeping the original scene would raise the ire of civil rights groups and media watchdogs. Race Lift: As mentioned above, biracial actress Maya Rudolph plays Ralphie's mother. In the original film and the stage musical, the cranky Mall Santa is portrayed as white. Here, he's played by black actor David Alan Grier. The singing Chinese waiters are played here by Filipino acapella group The Filharmonic. Took a Level in Kindness: In this version, though somewhat fueled by his worries about not getting the BB gun, Ralphie walks over to Schwartz's house to apologize for pinning the blame for saying the f-word on him.

The star: the story of the first christmas book. When Sony first announced this film back in 2014, I thought it sounded pretty interesting. But SURE ENOUGH, they find a way to screw it up. Please OFF ADBLOCK to watch movies Kissmovies only works on domain  and Christmas Story The touching story of how Santa Claus came to be Santa. Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Family Actor: Mikko Kouki, Hannu Pekka Björkman, Minna Haapkylä, Kari Väänänen, Otto Gustavsson, Jonas Rinne, Mikko Leppilampi, Oskari Heimonen Director: Juha Wuolijoki Country: Finland Subtitles: Chinese English, English IMDB: 7 Status: HDRip Runtime: 83 min Release: 2007

The star the story of the first christmas album. This is why religious films are utter failures.

The star: the story of the first christmas songs

The star: the story of the first christmas ornaments. Re-Released by Columbia Pictures. Make part 2 how sweet. × Watch Free HD Movies and TV Shows on The Real Official Vmovee Site! Description: A small but brave donkey and his animal friends become the unsung heroes of the first Christmas.

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But wouldn't King Herod be the villain since he wanted Jesus dead to the point of killing almost EVERY baby and toddler. The star: the story of the first christmas song.

Mary so pretty in this movie 😍

Looks like a nice movie. The star: the story of the first christmas trees. The star the story of the first christmas netflix. The Star: The Story of the First christmas gifts. The star 3a the story of the first christmas new. The star: the story of the first christmas lyrics. The Star: The Story of the First christmas cards. The star the story of the first christmas album listen.

The star the story of the first christmas soundtrack. The star: the story of the first christmas day.

Amen hallelujah praise the Lord King Jesus! I love Jesus and believe in Him! Amen

Everyone always seems to be high judges these days. I for one, enjoyed seeing this movie! I've noticed a lot of Movies that had great animation and a great deal of work put Into them, get criticized. All Just because a movie, didn't have 4K HD Graphics. And for it having a few Noticeable flaws. But isn't this usually to be expected? In my opinion this movie yes, isn't the best. but it's still a great movie that will entertain! And I myself enjoyed it! Dontkneel #Bethankful! Animation is long and tough, so don't always Expect all smooth edges.

The star: the story of the first christmas movie. The Star: The Story of the First christmas tree. The star: the story of the first christmas. LOOK WITH YO EYES. When will you do rock dog.

The star: the story of the first christmas story

I cry and cry when I know he is die 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔. The story of Jesus birth from the point o view of the animals, mainly the donkey. It's absolutely boring for adult and kids. Not funny, not interesting. There many better movie to watch. I's really difficult to understand why they made such a bad you have kids they will get bored after 10 minutes. The star the story of the first christmas songs. YouTube. The Star: The Story of the First christmas bingo. If you all still have doubts about this, I recommend listening to the soundtrack next Friday. It's a combination of songs from various music stars, especially Mariah Carey. Coco is obviously the better animated film to see than this (even though I haven't seen it yet. Can't wait for your review on that film tomorrow.

I think almost everyone knows this, but when I left Coco a few hours ago (btw awesome film) I saw a poster for Hotel Transylvania 3 coming July 2018. All of you who likes this movie might also like a small cartoon called The night the animals talked; it's about the same subject, and although the animation looks a bit amateurish, it is very moving. The star 3a the story of the first christmas html. The Star: The Story of the First christmas songs. The star: the story of the first christmas tree. This scene always brings me to tears it's a beautiful film.

I feel better watching Nestor the Long Eared Christmas Donkey. Or any of the other classic Christmas movies thats plays ever December. Who asked for this? Nobody. 1:52 love the song. Sony animation:OK let's make a popeye Emojis! WHOA Christianity. The Star: The Story of the First christmas day.

I forgot about. The star: the story of the first christmas music. Highest-grossing films from The Jim Henson Company: 1. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day 2. The Star 3. Good Boy! 4. The Muppet Christmas Carol 5. Muppets from Space 6. Labyrinth 7. Rat. The Star: The Story of the First christmas. My GF is making me see this movie starter pack. The star the story of the first christmas album songs. Hey vidangel I don't see any of the marvel movies or marvel tv shows up on the sight why is that.


The star: the story of the first christmas full. Oh god this movie was charming 💔💔💔💔 me and my waif had a good time yesterday watching it. Filme pe genuri Acţiune Animaţie Aventuri Biografic Comedie Crimă Documentar Dragoste Dramă Erotic Familie Fantastic Film noir Horror Istoric Mister Muzică Muzical Război Reality TV Romantic Scurt metraj SF Sport Thriller Western Filme 2020 Actiune 2020 Comedie 2020 Dragoste 2020 Drama 2020 Horror 2020 Western 2020 Indiene 2020 Romanesti 2020 Filme noi Filme 2022 Filme 2021 Filme 2019 Premiere cinema Filme la TV Filme pe DVD Filme pe Blu-ray Filme Oscar 2020 Descoperă filme Comedie, acţiune, dramă,... Căutare Nu ai cont? 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NOTA FILM - - Spune-ţi părerea sub 5 voturi Nota IMDB: 7. 3 0 useri Distributie The Story of the First Christmas Snow Angela Lansbury Sister Theresa / Narrator Don Messick Cyril Ritchard Father Thomas Vezi toata distributia Taguri Sat, Orbire, Furtuna, Pom de Craciun Spune-ţi părerea despre The Story of the First Christmas Snow Pentru a scrie un review trebuie sa fii autentificat. Click aici pentru a te autentifica. Vezi ce filme ai la cinema în Martie Filme de urmărit la TV PRO TV 22:00 Inglourious Basterds (2009) Ticăloși fără glorie Regia: Quentin Tarantino Cu: Brad Pitt, Diane Kruger, Christoph Waltz, Mélanie Laurent Gen film: Acţiune, Aventuri, Război Distribuitor: Ro Image 2000 PRO CINEMA 20:30 The Martian (2015) Marțianul Ridley Scott Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig, Kate Mara, Jessica Chastain Acţiune, Aventuri, SF Odeon Cineplex Paramount Channel The Revenant The Revenant: Legenda lui Hugh Glass Alejandro González Iñárritu Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Will Poulter, Domhnall Gleeson Aventuri, Dramă, Western Vezi toate filmele » CineCloud Dark Water Pet Sematary Impact Point Rachael Leigh Cook Kaya Scodelario A Woman of Substance Ekaterina The Mistress of Spices Gloria Stuart Chasing Amy Alexandra Pavel Wacky Races Approaching the Unknown Ready or Not Brave Acorralada SEAL Team Ninel Conde Mariana Ximenes House of 1000 Corpses The Ring 2 American Assassin Gabriel Spahiu The Evil Dead Perfetti sconosciuti Tobey Maguire Unsane Delirious Natașa Raab Debi Mazar Cinemagia > Filme > Filme 1975 > The Story of the First Christmas Snow > Detalii Taguri filme Taguri stiri Arhiva stiri Program TV Premii filme Premii Oscar Oscar 2020 Oscar 2019 Oscar 2018 Cannes Cannes 2020 Globul de Aur Berlin Venetia Filme româneşti Filme indiene Filme noi 2020 Româneşti 2020 Index filme Index 2020 Index 2019 Index acţiune Index comedie Actori populari Regizori populari Program cinema Cinema Bucuresti Cinema City Cotroceni T IMAX® Movieplex Cinema Hollywood Multiplex Grand Cinema & More Happy Cinema Cinema City Sun Plaza Cinema City Mega Mall Cinema City ParkLake Elizabeth Banks Scarlett Johansson Charlize Theron Elisha Cuthbert Kirk Douglas Jennifer Lopez Născuţi azi Trailere filme Spiral: From the Book of Saw Minions: The Rise of Gru The Roads Not Taken All the Bright Places The Music Island Mulan A Quiet Place: Part II Filme populare Joker Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Maleficent: Mistress of Evil The Grand Challenge: Le Mans '66 It Chapter Two Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Maria, Regina României 1917 Knives Out Frozen II Parasite Terminator: Dark Fate Bad Boys for Life Ad Astra Jumanji: The Next Level Angel Has Fallen Little Women Drakulics elvtárs Birds of Prey: And the... 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Take a look at Maya Rudolph and her on-screen family in a sneak peek at the live television event. Inspired by the holiday classic film A Christmas Story and the Tony-nominated Broadway musical A Christmas Story: The Musical, this season’s live musical television event comes to Fox December 17. All Ralphie wants for Christmas is a BB gun, and in the weeks leading up to December 25, Ralphie and his friends get into all kinds of trouble—including run-ins with a bully, getting his tongue stuck to a flagpole, and more. A Christmas Story Live! stars two-time Tony winner Matthew Broderick as the narrator and the grown-up version of Ralphie Parker. Emmy nominee Maya Rudolph ( Saturday Night Live) will play Mrs. Parker, the role originated on Broadway by Tony nominee Erin Dilly and by Melinda Dillon in the original film. The cast also features Tony winner Jane Krakowsi ( Nine) and Emmy nominee Chris Diamantopoulos ( Waitress). Ana Gasteyer will play Mrs. Schwartz, the mother of one of Ralphie’s friends. After a nationwide digital casting search, Andy Walken of Seattle, Washington, will play Ralphie. Tony, Golden Globe, and Oscar winners Benj Pasek and Justin Paul ( Dear Evan Hansen, La La Land) will also write several new songs for the live television event to supplement their musical’s original score. Eight-time Tony nominee Scott Ellis will direct on the stage—and serve as an executive producer—while Alex Rudzinski (an Emmy winner for Grease: Live) will serve as live television director and an executive producer. The original Broadway musical earned six Drama Desk nominations and three Tony nominations: Best Musical, Best Book of a Musical for Joseph Robinette, and Best Original Score for Pasek and Paul. Tune in to the live broadcast December 17 at 7 PM ET. For more information visit,. LOVE THE THEATRE? CHECK OUT THE PLAYBILL STORE FOR MERCHANDISE!

The star the story of the first christmas dvd. Now Playing 8 Classic Movie Moments To Get You In The Holiday Spirit Next Up Julian McMahon Would Love to Be on Charmed It's been over three and a half decades since A Christmas Story was released, but this charming little tale is still absolutely essential for holiday viewing. Adapted from Jean Shepherd's short stories, the 1983 vignette-style film journeys back to the Christmas when then-9-year-old Ralphie Parker ( Peter Billingsley) wanted nothing more than a grand new Red Ryder BB gun to show up under the tree, despite some alarming protests from certain adults in his life. "You'll shoot your eye out! " A Christmas Story Ralphie's tunnel vision about the toy remains a relatable concept of childhood — who hasn't had at least one thing that they simply had to have from Santa? — which is why it still holds up all these years later. Though maybe not in live musical format... For the 2019 season, A Christmas Story is only airing twice — at least as of Dec. 2. TNT is playing the classic on Saturday, Dec. 7 at 8 p. m. ET/PT, followed by an immediate replay at 10 p. ET/PT. Of course, the TNT's sister network TBS has yet to announce whether it will be doing the annual A Christmas Story marathon on Christmas Eve, so stay tuned. The Ultimate Holiday Viewing Guide for 2019 If you can't wait until then to watch the Old Man win his fishnet stocking lamp and for Flick to freeze his tongue on the flagpole, you're in luck! A Christmas Story is also be available for streaming on TNT 's digital site as well, with rental and purchase options offered at Amazon Prime and Vudu. ( Disclosure: TV Guide is owned by CBS Interactive, a division of ViacomCBS. )

I took my 7 year old son to see this film and we had a great time. He was laughing out loud at the animals and their antics. There is a scary soldier that was pursuing Mary and Joseph, but not too scary. If you are interested in the traditional Christmas story for your is just the ticket. Great animation. Funny characters. Happy and uplifting. I wish they would make more kids movies like this.

I'm confident this would look a lot better as a hand-drawn film. I mean, the budget is pretty similar to how much Secret of NIMH and An American Tail cost when adjusted for inflation. 7:07 and 7:11 Wait a they seriously give TWO characters the name Rufus? Please tell me that was just a mistake on AniMat's part. EDIT: Okay, it was a mistake. The sheep's name is Ruth, not Rufus. Great song! O Holy Night, WOW. The whole CD is tremendous! This family just keeps getting better and better.

When jesus was born in this movie i cried im like YAAAAS HES ALIVE YAS PRAISE THE LORD ✝. Rankin/Bass - The First Christmas - The Story of the First Christmas Snow- 1975 - video dailymotion. The star the story of the first christmas.

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