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  1. Comedy
  2. Tomatometer - 7,1 / 10 Stars
  3. Duration - 72Minutes
  4. Nunzio Randazzo, Jack Henry Robbins
  5. Directors - Jack Henry Robbins
  6. USA


02:57 One thing's for sure, we're all gonna be a lot thinner

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This is actually a really good movie, saw it on YouTube

Youll laugh, youll cry, youll eBay a VCR. Its going to be difficult to accurately explain whats going on in VHYes. While entirely fictional, the film eschews typical narrative presentation in favor of an experimental approach that marries form and function. Its brilliant, but its also kind of a “you have to see it” situation at the same time. Like a lot of youngsters at the time (specifically 1987) a young boy named Ralph gets a VHS camcorder for Christmas. Over the next several days he records his life and basically every television show he watches using the first VHS tape he finds, which happens to be the home of his parents wedding footage. Most of the film is dedicated to Ralphs recorded television diet as he haphazardly flips back and forth through a series of television shows. All are heightened but hilarious parodies of late-‘80s cable staples - Bob Ross, QVC, Skinemax softcore porn. These parodies threaten to push VHYes into kitchie Adult Swim absurdity, but thats not the films aim at all. While really funny, theres a deeper point to all this. Between long bouts of recorded channel flipping, Ralph also records his day to day life and in doing so, accidentally captures the likely first signs of his parents impending divorce. It doesnt dramatically change the films narrative, but adds a melancholy cloud that covers the youthful innocence on display with inevitable sadness, making VHYes feel more like a full meal than a simple, novel snack. These television parodies are the real star of the show, however, featuring recognizable faces like Kerri Kenney, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, Thomas Lennon, Charlyne Yi and Mark Proksch. The constant channel-flipping is a punchline-generator that also keeps any of these bits from going stale. You never see too much of one thing in VHYes, helping to ensure it remains engaging from start to finish. At the center of it all is Mason McNulty as Ralph and Rahm Braslaw as his little buddy Josh. The candid, home-recorded nature of the film calls for a particular form of acting from these two children and they both nail it, feeling truly authentic and real rather than rehearsed or stiff. You totally buy that they were actual kids in 1987 whose antics are just now getting to us over 30 years later. Child actors are always a gamble. For one movie to have not one but two of them of this quality is pretty remarkable. There is a last little twist to VHYes that ramps the film up to a conclusion, saving it from just abruptly ending once its novel structure runs out of gas. Some people may have issues with this last little bit, but for me it elevates the film. The comedy here is high enough that simply being funny would have been enough, but VHYes strives for meaning as well, which is what makes the film such a special delight. Evan Saathoff Senior Editor Evan has been smartassing-up the Internet since 2008. His passions include dumb action movies, not-dumb action movies, Shakespeare, and Tyler Perry. While he claims to understand that people don't always get what they want, he nevertheless believes it would be “cool” if he could become more like Danny DeVito with age.

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Did he go to a parallel universe or something

Vhyes download free computer. Drafthouse News. Home » Featured » VHYes [2020] Review: An experimental, satirical mixed-bag of late night 80s nostalgia Jack Henry Robbins does something entirely unique in his sophomore feature-length film ‘ VHYes. He films the entire disjointed narrative as a close-knit set of clips that hearken back to the 80s mix-tapes. A funny, disturbing and surprisingly warm satire on a teenager dealing with his familial malice within a break-free reality of weird tv commercials, over the top soft-porn and news flash. The fact that Robbinss film manages to sneakily satirize the migrant, climate and consumerism crises in contemporary America is an added bonus. However, the film in all its throwback glory frustrates and amazes in equal measures as a genre mind-bender – connecting unrelated events into a mixed-bag of goodies. Set somewhere at the end of 1987 and shot entirely on VHS-type tape aesthetic, the film follows the life of 12-year-old Ralph (Mason McNulty) as he discovers the world of camcorders and late-night television – recording his present-day life story over his parents wedding tape. In a way, VHYes serves as erasing and celebrating the past where both of them have haunting aftermaths. However, the film doesnt just explicitly deal with his life. It puts the narrative in a puddle of random, weird, fast-cut commercials that come from a weird David Lynch/Charlie Kauffman kind of head-space. They are quickly spaced out as something that Ralph would tape over when his parents are out. Similar to VHYes – The Wave [2020] Review – A hyper-stylized drug trip about self-realization marred by goofiness These clips dont really serve any specific purpose – other than being inconsequently funny, uncomfortable and downright over-the-top. Some of it hits absolute bonkers left of tomfoolery while others just diffuse into thin air. The narrative – Which feels like a random collection of VHS tapes also gets exhausting after a point of time. However, Jack Henry Robbins who somehow gives this otherwise horrific piece of pre-childhood paranoia a cutting edge also rigs in a soft-hearted story of a child coming to terms with his own changes. It is even more heartwarming that he ropes in his star parents Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon to play small parts in a small indie that will someday serve as a proper nostalgic trip for himself. There no specific way to define VHYes – which is a singular feat on its own. Its a proper satire on how television governs our life – especially the early childhood part of life in a way that nothing else does. For better or worse Robbins manages to grasp that instead of being the break in ones life, television takes up the high seat where life becomes a break from television. This being more and more suitable as one of the clips in the film equates filming ones life as a proper narcissistic way a disease takes over ones body. In another vignette we see careless brand promoters feeding filth to the audience in the guise of their own feud. The film gets weirder and narratively dense towards its collapse towards the end. My favorite segment would be the terrifying segment when a show host asks her audience to sleep as she looks straight into the screen. In that moment, I recognized that this genre-bending experiment by Jack Henery Robbins might not be perfect but it sure as hell would make my nightmares feel weirder than they already are. ★★★ VHYes Movie Trailer VHYes Links – IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes.

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One of the many weird scenes in VHYes. Image: Oscilloscope Trailer Frenzy A special place to find the newest trailers for movies and TV shows you're craving. Imagine you found an old VHS tape from when you were a kid and popped it into a VCR. What nostalgic magic would you find? Thats just part of the fun in the new movie VHYes. Directed by Jack Henry Robbins, VHYes is a genre-spanning, anthology comedy about a young boy whose family gets a camcorder for Christmas. He soon realizes not only can use it to record people but television as well. The film then plays like the raw VHS tape, flipping from channel to channel, with shows that get increasingly weird and funny, all while keeping that main story intact. Heres the trailer for VHYes. Yes, thats Thomas Lennon. And Charlyne Yi. And Tim freaking Robbins. Those are just a few of the cameos in VHYes. T he director is the son of Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon, so theres no shortage of star power in the film— b ut thats not what its about. I saw the movie earlier this year at Fantastic Fest and felt, though it has that Hollywood DNA, its purely the vision of a raw, up- and- coming talent. The movie is manic and funny and goes to some very weird, sometimes even scary, places. It also has heart (the trailer hints at this in the form of the footage of the boys parents) and while ultimately I felt the movie didnt maintain its energy and surprise all the way through, it was really fun to watch such an original and  cool idea, executed with care and joy. VHYes will have special advance screenings at multiple Alamo Drafthouses on January 12 before opening wider on January 17. Tickets for the Drafthouse screenings, and more, are available at. For more, make sure youre following us on our Instagram @ io9dotcom.

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Homepage - VHYes A film by Jack Henry Robbins VHYES A bizarre retro comedy shot entirely on VHS, VHYes takes us back to a simpler time, when twelve-year-old Ralph mistakenly records home videos and his favorite late night shows over his parents wedding tape. The result is a nostalgic wave of home shopping clips, censored pornography, and nefarious true-crime tales that threaten to unkindly rewind Ralphs reality.   CRITICS SAY... “The comedy here is high enough that simply being funny would have been enough, but VHYES strives for meaning as well, which is what makes the film such a special delight. ” “Bounces along with the exuberance of its young hero and will remind you of the experience of trying to make sense of the world as a child. ” — Jennie Kermode, EYE FOR FILM “VHYES is filled with heartfelt hilarity. ” — Evan Saathoff, BIRTH. MOVIES. DEATH. “The sort of film that will seep into your consciousness and find its way into your dreams. Perhaps it will alter your perception of reality. Perhaps reality is less than this. ” CLICK THE FACES TO PRE-ORDER ON VOD VHX APPLE TV  CONTACT US BOOKING: Andrew Carlin 630-445-1215 PRESS: Sydney Tanigawa 212-219-4029 ext. 41 GENERAL INQUIRIES.

Vhyes download free download. Vhyes download free games. Vhyes download free game. As soon as I was done with this video, I got an ad for it. Vhyes download free full. Made me perk up my eyebrows and listen multiple times. Good shit, people! Keep it up.

Has expired. Renew now If you know the owner of this domain, please let them know. Home Transfer Renew Domain Pricing Email About Us Help Your Account. Vhyes download free hd. Just wached it Sick movie SICK EXELENTE DON MISS U BE SORRY MASTERPIECE. By Metascore By User Score. VHYes download free wallpaper. VHYes certainly brings back the nostalgia by taking us back to a time when television viewing was very different in a pre-digital era. To say that they dont make films like they used to would not be an understatement.  When was the last time that you watched a VHS tape let alone filmed anything on cassette?  Dont answer that.  Its a rhetorical question.  While most films are shot in digital in this era, VHYes goes yard for some old-school storytelling. Writer-director Jack Henry Robbins expands on Sundance short films Painting with Joan and Hot Winter.  The premise alone makes for some storytelling decisions that will be hit-or-miss with audiences.  Honestly, the film isnt a traditional narrative with regards to what viewers are used to watching.  VHYes also isnt an outright sketch comedy either because of the tapes structure.  Kerri Kenney-Silver reprises her role as Joan. Ralph. is just short of becoming a teenager.  He manages to commit the cardinal sin that is recording over his parents wedding tape.  All because of receiving a camcorder for the holidays.  Funny enough, the present comes at a moment in time when his parents marriage is in turmoil.  One can only hope that theres another copy lying around because he does enough damage to get grounded for all of eternity.  What Ralph ends up doing is shoot his own home videos and record late night shows.  When we arent watching his home videos, VHYes features a mix of channel surfing.  As you could easily guess, there is at least one home shopping show because it wouldnt be the 1980s without one! The film is rather short at just over 70 minutes in length.  Again, its not the traditional film.  One could say that the feature is experimental in nature.  At the same time, Jack Henry Robbins offers some commentary on our current era.  You know–the culture that watches so many YouTube videos.  Look at what we can do with our cell phones.  Minus the taping over of videos, Ralph is documenting his day no differently than we do right now.  It isnt just YouTube but Instagram offers much of the same type of documenting. While Robbins surely has something to say about todays culture, everything in VHYes has to connect in one way or another.  One can only imagine what the editing process was like especially with the channel surfing. DIRECTOR:  Jack Henry Robbins SCREENWRITERS:  Nunzio Randazzo and Jack Henry Robbins CAST:  Mason McNulty, Rahm Berkshaw, Kerri KAenney, Charlyne Yi, Courtney Pauroso, Thomas Lennon, and Mark Proksch Oscilloscope Laboratories opens VHYes on January 17, 2020. Grade: 3/5 Danielle Solzman is native of Louisville, KY, and holds a BA in Public Relations from Northern Kentucky University and a MA in Media Communications from Webster University. She roots for her beloved Kentucky Wildcats, St. Louis Cardinals, Indianapolis Colts, and Boston Celtics. Living less than a mile away from Wrigley Field in Chicago, she is an active reader (sports/entertainment/history/biographies/select fiction) and involved with the Chicago improv scene. She also sees many movies and reviews them. She has previously written for Redbird Rants, Wildcat Blue Nation, and Hidden Remote/Flicksided. From April 2016 through May 2017, her film reviews can be found on Creators.

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