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Scores: 3152 vote History Description: The Kung Fu master travels to the U.S. where his student has upset the local martial arts community by opening a Wing Chun school cast: Kwok-Kwan Chan 2019. Ye web 4.2. Donnie Yen: This is my last Kung Fu movie forever. Ye wen 47. Ye wen 4 streaming. Ye wen 4 movie. Ye wen hui. Ye wen 4 3. Ye wen yi.

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Ye wen 4 x. Ye Wen 4.6. Last movie of Ipman & Donnie Yen. Can't wait. I am waiting from July. Wew still 1 month from now... 🤣. Ye wen 4 inch. John T. Chapman, Interim President and CEO- San Antonio regional Hospital John Chapman joined San Antonio Regional Hospital as our Chief Operating Officer in October 2018, and has earned the admiration and respect of the San Antonio family. John has demonstrated a strong passion for promoting teamwork, collaboration, and leveraging innovation to achieve operational excellence. Johns passion for attending to the needs of others is readily apparent in his professional life, as well as his personal life. He continually mentors others, and shares his knowledge and expertise to support care team members to grow and develop in their roles. John is a clinical microbiologist by training and has served as an experienced hospital executive for over a decade. Prior to arriving at San Antonio, he served as Chief Operations/ Administrative Officer at Highland Hospital in Oakland, California. John was not only in charge of operations at this 169-bed general acute care hospital, but also led the clinical and support services for the Alameda Health System. Some of his accomplishments included Alamedas accreditation as a Level 1 Trauma Center, a Baby Friendly designation and the construction of a 9-story patient tower. Prior to joining the Alameda Health System, John served as Executive Director of Clinical Services, Director of Laboratory Services, and held other positions at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center. In these roles, among other things, he served as the director of the medical centers service lines including its Orthopedic Institute and Heart and Vascular Institute. He also led a variety of strategic planning processes and system-wide operational initiatives. John earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of California – Berkeley and a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management from the University of Phoenix. He is also Lean Six Sigma certified. Thomas T. Easter, MD, Director A California native, Dr. Thomas Easter earned a B. S. in zoology at the University of California–Davis before receiving his medical training at the University Autonoma of Guadalajara and the University of Maryland. He went on to complete a four year residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, where he was the recipient of the Thomas V. Zachary Award for Resident of the Year. Dr. Easter served as president of the San Antonio Regional Hospital Medical Staff and is a former Trustee of the hospital. Board certified by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Easter is a member of the Los Angeles County Medical Association, California Medical Associations, the American Urogynecologic Society, the Society of Vaginal & Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery and the Los Angeles Obstetrics and Gynecology Society. He is married with three children. Richard “Dick” E. Gilbert, Director Dick began a career that spans half a century, in finance, in 1969 as Vice President of Sales at Community Banks Industrial Finance Department and joined the National Acceptance Company of California as a Vice President in 1975. He then joined the Western Regional office of Sanwa Business Credit in 1987. Dick joined the Foothill Capital Corporation as Vice President in the Small Business Lending Division in 1993. He became Vice Chairman of KBK Financial where he remained until 2001. Dick has served on various boards, including; the Commercial Finance Association, Pacific Coast Machinery Dealers Association, Machinery Dealers National Association and several fraternal organizations which include local Elks lodges, Pasadena Scottish Rite, Ontario Masonic Lodge, Al Malaikah Shriner- Los Angeles and has served on San Antonio Hospital Foundations Golf Classic Committee. Dick received the Lifetime Achievement award from the Commercial Finance Conference of California (CFCC) in 2003. Dick was born in New Castle, Pennsylvania and now lives in Alta Loma with his wife Kay. Wah-Chung Hsu, CFO - San Antonio REGIONAL Hospital Mr. Hsu joined the Foundation Board as the hospitals new CFO in October, 2012. Mr. Hsu has extensive experience in hospital finance, having been a CFO at both stand-alone hospitals and healthcare systems. His most recent position was CFO at the 357-bed Seton Medical Center in northern California. Hsu is married with three children and is looking forward to his career at San Antonio Regional Hospital. Theresa Lock, Director Ms. Lock has been a resident of the Inland Empire for over 45 years. She and her husband David, a Pharmacist at San Antonio Regional Hospital for over 35 years, have been generous supporters and donors to the Foundation. They are members of the Frances Mary Paul Circle, a group which honors those who have donated 10, 000 or more to the hospital in their lifetime. Theresa and David have regularly attended special events, provided regular annual gifts and through Theresas travel agency, Air Sea Travel, have given major travel gifts for key auction items at the annual San Antonio Classic Benefit Golf Tournament. Ms. Lock is a very active and longtime member in the vibrant Upland Foothill Kiwanis Club. Bill McKernan, Director Bill McKernan has been an Upland resident for more than 45 years and is sole owner of Upland Contracting, a rebar fitter that does major construction projects. He and his wife, Carol, live in Upland. McKernan is a generous man who enjoys supporting the hospital. McKernan also likes to golf and fish. Kelly McMenomy, Chair Ms. McMenomy has been a local resident for over 25 years. She is a certified public accountant and a partner in the firm of McMenomy & Associates, CPAs, LLP in Upland. After earning her degree at Arizona State University, she worked closely with the late Walt Reardon, a long-time friend and leader with San Antonio Hospital Foundation as well as with the hospital. McMenomy raised her family in Upland and devotes much of her time to her growing public accounting practice. She is a member of the AICPA and the California Society of CPAs. She is a board member and Vice President for the Upland Community Foundation and has been active in other local charities and non-profit institutions. James R. Milhiser, Vice Chair James is a banker with over 30 years of commercial real estate/construction lending and management experience. He is currently Vice President in the Real Estate Industries Group at Rabobank, N. A., in Ontario where he develops new business and manages a portfolio of commercial real estate loans. From 1996 to 2008, he spent his career at PFF Bank & Trust in Rancho Cucamonga, becoming Senior Vice President and Major Commercial Loan Manager. In 2008, he joined U. Bank in Rancho Cucamonga as Vice President, Special Loan Workout Manager. He later joined Mutual of Omaha Bank in Pasadena in 2012. Milhiser was born at San Antonio Community Hospital, and has been involved in the community his entire life. He is currently serving a 4-year term as Treasurer for the City of Ontario. James has sat on a number of boards, including the Salvation Army Advisory Board, Ontario Corp; the Building Industry Association; and the Ontario Montclair YMCA, among others. From 2004-2012, James was also a very active member of our own San Antonio Regional Hospital Board of Trustees, serving as Chairman of the Board from 2009-2012. Soo Myland, Director Soo J. Myland is Of Counsel at MMZ LAW, A Professional Corporation, where she practices in the areas of estate planning and wealth preservation, business succession planning, special needs planning, Medi-Cal asset protection planning, trust administration, probate, conservatorships and guardianships. Myland graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature with a concentration in Shakespeare Studies. She received her Juris Doctorate from Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, Missouri. Myland began her law career in Riverside, California at regional firms, Best Best & Krieger LLP and Varner & Brandt LLP. After preparing and administering multiple estate plans with provisions for an individuals or familys pets, she decided to take a hiatus from the law to start a pet care services business with her late husband. Myland is involved with a number of community, professional and philanthropic organizations and currently serves as a Board Member for the Rancho Cucamonga Animal Care Foundation, and as a member of the Executive Advisory Council for Inland Empire United Way, Women United, the Fontana Police K-9 Pals, and the Pomona Valley Estate Planning Council. She has also served on the Executive Advisory Council for the The Community Foundation for Riverside and San Bernardino Counties as well as the San Bernardino County Estate Planning Council. David A. Patterson, Director David A. Patterson is an Executive Vice President for Wells Fargo based in Ontario, CA and the Western Region Head for the National Food & Ag. Division. Wells Fargos Western Food and Ag. Region is comprised of five California based regional commercial banking offices located in Ontario, Bakersfield, Visalia, Fresno and Modesto. David began his career with Wells Fargo in 1995. He was promoted to Regional Vice President in 1997. Prior to joining Wells Fargo, he worked as a relationship manager for 10 years at Bank of America in its Inland Empire middle-market group. David earned his B. A. in business administration from the University of Texas at Austin where he transferred after 1 year at the University of Texas at El Paso. David has been involved in many professional and community organizations including board trustee for Olive Crest Homes and Services for Abused Children, board trustee for the San Antonio Regional Hospital and board trustee for La Sierra University Foundation. He has also served as a director for the Inland Empire Economic Partnership, Childrens Fund Presidents Circle and director for the Inland Empire Open, Inc. David grew up in Ontario and Upland and now lives with his wife Joan in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Marco Robles, Director Marco Robles is a local leader in the Inland Empire. His position for the last 10 years has been the Public Affairs Director with Cardenas Markets in Ontario. He is a long-time resident of the Inland Empire. In his position he is frequently the lead employee and spokesperson for the company as they have grown into new markets in Nevada and California. There are now 31 stores and with the new ownership and the merger with another market group in Northern California, he has been instrumental in forging the new partnership and growth. He also oversees the Cardenas Markets Foundation. Marco has received some key leadership awards served in key leadership roles and served on a number of Boards. For 14 years, he served as a City Council member and Mayor for Pomona. While there, he was very active in a number of community organizations and non-profits. Recently, he has been serving on the Inland Empire Economic Partnership where he is the Chairman of the Board for 2017-2018. Along the way he has served on the Inland Empire Hispanic Leadership Council, Ontario Montclair School District Board, Promise Scholar Board and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce Board. Through his support and leadership, Cardenas Markets has provided support for the annual San Antonio Golf Classic and the Annual Hike to Mt. San Antonio. We are fortunate that he has a great interest in strengthening his personal and corporate support of San Antonio through the Foundation. Cathy Rockwell, Director Cathy Rockwell is a California native and a long time resident of Rancho Cucamonga. A member of the San Antonio Society Executive Committee for over 13 years, Mrs. Rockwell now serves on the Foundations Board of Directors. Although she works part time as an Insurance Producer for Hay Insurance, her life is mostly spent serving our local community. She is an active member of the Assistance League of Pomona Valley, and also serves on the Board as Treasurer of Friends of the Upland Public Library. Her love for serving others extends to her other work as Charity Golf Tournament Event Planner working for The Mulligan Man. Mrs. Rockwell is widowed but enjoyed 20 years of marriage to George Rockwell, whose local insurance agency Rockwell Insurance was well known. Al Ronco, Director Mr. Ronco is a retired executive at Keystone Automotive Industries with over 40 years of service, brings considerable expertise to the Foundation Board. In addition to serving on the Board at Keystone, Mr. Ronco has also served on the Board at Whittemore Enterprises and has been an active member of SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association) and the A. B. P. (Auto Body Parts Association. He served on the Foundation Board of Directors from 2000 to 2003, when he was selected to become a Trustee of San Antonio Regional Hospital. Ronco served as a Trustee for nine years and was welcomed back to the Foundation Board in January, 2013. Al grew up in Newark, New Jersey and went on to the University of South Carolina where he earned a degree in Business. Al and his wife Barbara are members of the Frances Mary Paul Circle and the Aita Society and live in Rancho Cucamonga. Robert Sorosky, Director Dr. Sorosky received his medical degree from the University of Miami Medical School, with internship at Los Angeles County General Hospital and residency at UCLA. He held the position of Chief Resident in Head and Neck Surgery in 1969. As a major in the US Army Medical Corps, he performed many reconstructive procedures in Germany from 1969-1972. Sorosky is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a Diplomat of The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery in Facial Cosmetic Surgery. He is certified by the two major Boards in this field: The American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 1992; and The American Board of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, 1970. He was founder of the first accredited freestanding outpatient surgical center in San Bernardino. He was active in the Surgery Department and Emergency Room for over 20 years. He is also a Board member of Diversified Pacific Opportunity Fund and Golden State Business Bank. Sorosky and his wife Karen have supported San Antonio Regional Hospital for many years and are members of the Frances Mary Paul Circle. Michael S. Tracey, Foundation President Mr. Tracey has a distinguished background in philanthropy leadership, having served as Vice President of Development at The Community Foundation of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. He played key development roles at California State University-San Bernardino and Cal Poly- Pomona. Tracey also served at Western University of Health Sciences. He holds a Masters Degree and is a Certified Specialist in Planned Giving. Tracey and his wife Val are long-time Upland residents. Amy L. Valdivia, Director Amy was born in Glendale and grew up in East Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley. She attended Charter Oak High School and then went on to get her education in Political Science/International Relations at UCLA. She also spent time at the University of London and University of La Verne. Amy and her husband Eric have two children, the oldest of which attends Grand Canyon University and the youngest is a freshman at Claremont High School. She serves on the Upland Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, is an active member of the Upland Rotary Club and was just recently honored as Business Person of the Year by the Chamber. Amy is a partner in a mortgage service business based in downtown Upland. She knows San Antonio well. Her mother battled lung cancer a few years ago and was a patient at San Antonio as well as City of Hope. She knows and appreciates the care and services that are provided here at San Antonio and is anxious to be of service to the Foundation Janis Kaye Yerkey, Director Janis Yerkey has been a fixture in the community with 67 years as a local, 31 of which were dedicated to being the Director of San Antonio Community Hospitals Stroke Unit and Progressive Care prior to her retirement in 2013. Janis has degrees in Nursing Business Management and Organizational Management. At one point she was the Director for; ICU, CCU, CSDU 2nd and 3rd DOU and Cardiac Rehab, all simultaneously. She is a member of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) was a participant in the development and conversion of the Cardiac-Step-Down unit and Out-Patient observation services and stroke unit and Admit area and has served on several committees with the most recent being the planning and development of the Vineyard Tower. Janis has four children; Michael, Stacy, Eric and Marc who have endowed her with 8 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. Some of her hobbies include: travelling, gardening, musical arts and playing and teaching her grandchildren. She was born in Redlands and currently resides in Alta Loma.

Let's do this. Xiang, 2017. Ye wen jun. Ye Wen 4.3. He has The Master of Bruce Lee. By David Amoruso Posted on April 18, 2009 Copyright Peter Chong was one of the most powerful Triad bosses in the United States. His word was law on the streets of San Franciscos Chinatown. But after trying to merge all the Chinese crime gangs in the United States into one large crime group with him as leader, things came crashing down. Chong came to the United States in 1982. He wanted to establish a Chinese opera company, but authorities allege he was sent to the US by the powerful Wo Hop To Triad to oversee its interests there. It seems authorities were correct, because it wasnt long before Chong started leading the Wo Hop To in San Francisco. The Wo Hop To were involved in gambling and extortion and ruled the city with an iron fist. Its members were allowed to eat for free in any restaurant in San Franciscos Chinatown, such was the fear law abiding citizens had for this crime group. Under Chong the Wo Hop To started expanding and adding smaller Chinese gangs to its organization. One of the gangs Chong joined forces with was the Hop Sing Tong, led by Raymond Chow. These mergers caused a lot of unrest among other gangs whose members had no interest in becoming underlings of Peter Chong. One of those gangs was the Wah Ching, led by Danny Wong. The Wah Ching was responsible for kicking Raymond Chows Hop Sing Tong gang out of San Francisco a decade earlier, so this was not just business, it was personal. The Wo Hop To decided to send Wong a message by killing his bodyguard. Wong replied in typical manner by having his men shoot up a car that was filled with members of the Wo Hop To, killing two and wounding eight. As tension grew, Wong decided the fighting was only causing the groups trouble. To stop the war he offered to meet with Chong. Both men attended a banquet with other leaders from both gangs, where peace was declared. But Chong was playing a devious game. He still wanted Wong out of the way. And what Chong wanted done, was done, no discussion. A year after toasting to a peaceful future, Wong was found with a bullet in his head. Chong had taken over San Francisco and there were no more gangs that stood in his way. It was time to start looking beyond California. Peter Chong and his underboss  Raymond Chow were now running a vast criminal enterprise which was involved in drug smuggling, extortion, gambling, and loan sharking. But their operations were based in California and the two men were eager to take their organization to a national level. In the early 1990s, Chong and Chow invited Wayne Kwong to join the Wo Hop To/Hop Sing Tong brotherhood. Kwong was the leader of the On Leong Tong based in Boston. His underlings were involved in loan sharking, extortion, and drug distribution in the Chinatown section of Boston. Chong and Chow told Kwong about their plans for a national syndicate called “Tien Ha Wui" or "Whole Earth Association. This syndicate would be comprised of all the Asian gangs in the United States, and would be led by Peter Chong. The three men felt they were untouchable. Combining their mighty groups would enable them to make a lot of money. But law enforcement was already trying to bring the group down. Raymond Chow was heavily involved in arranging drug deals for the group. In one such deal, he ran into trouble when he made a deal to buy 100, 000 worth of cocaine from an undercover DEA agent. In 1992, the indictments came down. But the main target of authorities had managed to flee. Peter Chong was already in Hong Kong. His Whole Earth Association was falling apart though. His underboss was arrested and looking at serious prison time. And Wayne Kwong decided to cooperate with authorities and testify against his former ‘brothers. It wasnt until 2000 when Chong was finally extradited to the US. There he was looking at yet another turncoat witness: his underboss, Raymond Chow. After an eight-week trial in 2002, Chong was found guilty of racketeering, murder-for-hire, extortion, and arson, and was sentenced to fifteen years and eight months in prison. The Ninth U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals later overturned his conviction, saying there was not enough evidence of a murder-for-hire plot. But a judge would sentence him to eleven and a half years on the remaining charges. According to the Bureau of Prisons, Peter Chong (65) was released from prison on July 29, 2008. Copyright Gangsters Inc.

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Yuen Yee Candy Chu Vĩnh Đường Chu Jason Châu Vĩnh Hằng Chow Wing Heng Roy Chúc Văn Quân Chuk Man Kwan Chung Bảo La Chung Cảnh Huy Chung King Fai Chung Chí Quang Chung Chi Kong Chung Gia Hân Linda Chung Ka Yan Chung Hán Lương Chung Wallace Chung Hân Đồng Chung Yan Tung Gillian Chung Hiểu Oánh Chung Hiu Ying Jessica Chung Hi Văn Chung Gi Kei Kikki (Priscilla) Chung Hoàng Annie Chung Wong Chung Lệ Kì Margaret Chung Lai Kei Chung Phái Chi Gigu Chung Pui Chi Chung Phát Chung Faat Chung Sở Hồng Cherie Chung Chung Trấn Đào Bee Kenny Chử Triệu Kì Chu Ken Chương Chí Văn Cheung Chi Man Cổ Cự Cơ Ku Kui Kei Leo Cổ Kỉ Quân Priscilla Ku Kei Kwan Cổ Minh Hoa Koo Ming Wah Cổ Thiên Lạc Koo Tin Lok Louis Cổ Thiên Tường Koo Tin Chung Cốc Đức Chiêu Vincent Kok Tat Chiu Cốc Phong Ku Fung Cung Gia Hân Katy Kung Ka Yan D [ sửa, sửa mã nguồn] Diêu Gia Ni Claire Yiu Ka Ni Diêu Lạc Di Sherming Yiu Lok Yee Diêu Oánh Oánh Eileen Yeow Yin Yin Diêu Thiệu Trung Joe Yiu Shiu Chung Diêu Tử Linh Elaine Yiu Tsz Ling Diệp Bội Văn Grace Yip Pui Man Diệp Chấn Thanh Ip Chung Sing Diệp Đồng Cecilia Yip Tung Diệp Đức Nhàn Deannie Ip Diệp Hiểu Ảnh Diệp Khải Nhân Fanny Ip Hoi Yan Diệp Tế Yên Yap Seo Yin Diệp Thiến Văn Sally Yeh Diệp Thúy Thúy Tracy Ip Chui Chui Dương Tuấn Đĩnh Rick Yeung Chun Ting Diệp Tuyền Michelle Ye Shun Diệp Vĩ Ip Wai Diệp Vinh Tổ Teddy Yip Wing Cho Du Tiêu You Biu Du Tử Minh Yu Chi Ming Dung Cẩm Xương Peter Yuen Kam Cheong Dung Tổ Nhi Joey Yung Cho Yi Dư Đức Thừa Dickson Yu Tak Shing Dư Mộ Liên Yu Mo Lin Dư Văn Thi Yu Man Sze Dư Vịnh Di Yu Wing Yee Dư Vịnh Thi Yu Wing Sze Dương Anh Vĩ Yeung Ying Wai Dương Chứng Hoa Yeung Man Dương Cung Như Yang Kristy Dương Di Tavia Yeung Yi Dương Khải Từ Yeung Hoi Chi Dương Lạc Đình Yeung Lok Ting Rabee'a Dương Minh Mat Yeung Ming Dương Na Yeung Na Dương Thiên Hoa Miriam Yeung Chin Wah Dương Triều Khải Yeung Chiu Hoi Dương Thụy Lân Yeung Sui Lun Dương Trác Na Lenna / Griselda Yeung Cheuk Na Dương Tú Huệ Vivian Yeo Siew Hiu Dương Tư Kì Shirley Yeung Sze Ki Dương Tử Quỳnh Michelle Yeoh Dương Uyển Nghi Winnie Young Yuen Yee Dương Văn Ý Yeung Man Yi Dương Lâm Yeung Lam Đ [ sửa, sửa mã nguồn] Đàm Diệu Văn Partick Tam Yiu Man Đàm Khải Kỳ Tam Hoi Kei Đàm Ngọc Anh Helen Tam Yuk Ying Đàm Nhất Thanh Đàm Quân Di Đàm Thiến Hồng Tam Sin Hung Đàm Tuấn Ngạn Tam Chun Yin Shaun Đàm Tiểu Hoàn Tam Siu Wan Halina Đàm Vịnh Lân Tam Alan Đào Đại Vũ Dao Tai Yu Michael Đào Kiệt Chip Tsao Đăng Cần Duncan Đằng Lệ Danh Joyce Tang Lai Ming Đặng Anh Mẫn English Tang Ying Mun Đặng Bội Nghi Gloria Tang Pui Yee Đặng Hạo Quang Tang Ho Kwong Anthony Đặng Kiến Bang Tang Kin Pong Elby Đặng Kiện Hoằng Patrick Tang Kin Wang Đặng Lệ Hân Tang Lai Yan Stephy Đặng Nhất Quân Tang Yat Kwan John Đặng Nhữ Siêu Tang Yu Chiu Đặng Triệu Tôn Tang Siu Cheun Johnny Đặng Tụy Văn Tang Sui Man Sheren Đặng Tử Phong Dunn Tse Fung David Đặng Vĩnh Kiện Tang Wing Kin Điền Nhụy Ni Krystal Tin Yui Lee Địch Long Địch Phong Chak William Đinh Kì Ting Kei Đinh Tử Lãng Karl Ting Tze Long Đỗ Đại Vĩ David Do Tai Wui Đỗ Đình Hào To Derek Đỗ Vấn Trạch To Man Zaak Chapman Đổng Mẫn Lị Tung Monie Đổng Nam Phi Tung Faye Đổng Phiếu Đới Chí Vĩ Tai Chi Wai Andy Đới Diệu Minh Dia Yiu Ming Đới Mộng Mộng Dai Renee Đới Thiếu Dân Tai Siu Man Đơn Lập Văn Sin Lap Man Đường Ninh Tong Ling Leila Đường Thi Vịnh Natalie Tong Sze Ying Đường Văn Long Micheal Tong Man Lung Đường Vi Kì Tong Vik Ki G [ sửa, sửa mã nguồn] Gia Bích Nghi Da Graca Cerina Filomena Gia Dĩnh Chan Karen Gia Tuấn Ka Chun Lesile Giản Mộ Hoa Kan Mo Wah Rachel Giang Chỉ Ni Kong Chi Nay Cherie Giang Đồ Kong To Giang Hán Kwong Hon Giang Hân Yến Kong Yan Yin Giang Hi Văn Kong Liz Giang Hoa Kwong Wa Giang Huy Kong Fai Giang Nhược Lâm Kwong Elanne Giang Gia Mẫn Kaman Kong Ka Man Giang Mỹ Nghi Elena Kong May Yee H [ sửa, sửa mã nguồn] Hà Bội Nghi Peggy Ho Pui Yee Hà Chí Tường Ho Chi Cheung Hà Gia Lệ Connie Ho Ka Lai Hà Gia Tuấn Ho Ka Chun Hà Hạo Văn Dominic Ho Hao Man Hà Khải Nam Fbi Ho Hoi Nam Hà Mộ Kì Ho Mo Ki Hà Ngạn Hoa Cynthia Ho Yin Wah Hà Nhạn Thi Stephanie Ho Ngan Sze Hà Quảng Bái Matthew Ho Kwong Pui Hà Quốc Vinh Gregory Charles Rivers Hà Siêu Nghi Josephine "Josie" Ho Chiu Yi Hà Thủ Tín Hà Trọng Vĩ Ho Chung Wai Hà Vận Thi Denise Ho Wan Sze Hà Vĩ Nghiệp Eddie Ho Hà Ỷ Vân Yvonne Ho Yee Wan Hạ Bình Happy (Teresa) Ha Ping Hạ Văn Kiệt Ho Man Kit Hạ Thiều Thanh Danny Summer / Ha Chiu Sing Hạ Vũ Ha Yu Hải Tuấn Kiệt Harrison Gabriel Hàn Dục Hà Hon Yu Ha Hàn Định Long Han Ting Lung Hàn Mã Lợi Mary Hon Ma Lei Hàn Quân Đình Belinda Hammett Hàn Trúc Hân Ha Chuk Yan Hoa Trung Nam Wah Chung Nam Hoàng Ái Dao Wong Oi Yiu Hoàng An Kì Angelina Wong On Kei Hoàng Bách Minh Wong Pak Ming Hoàng Bích Linh Wong Bik Ling Hoàng Bội San Sue Wong Pui Shan Hoàng Cẩm Hồng Wong Kam Hung Hoàng Cẩm Sân Melvin Wong Hoàng Chấn Uy Alpha Wong Hoàng Dật Đồng Iris Wong Yat Tung Huỳnh Đức Bân Kenny Wong Tak Pun Hoàng Gia Dao Huỳnh Gia Lạc Stephen Wong Ka Lok Hoàng Hà Wong Ha Huỳnh Hạo Nhiên Raymond Wong Ho Yin Hoàng Hựu Nam You Nam Hoàng Kỉ Oánh Natalie Wong Kei Ying Hoàng Lệ Mai Wong Lai Mui Hoàng Mĩ Kì Maggie Wong Mei Ki Hoàng Nguyệt Minh Tracy Wong Hoàng Nhạc Nhân Polly Wong Hoàng Phượng Quỳnh Candy Wong Fung King Hoàng Quế Lâm Wong Kwai Lam Hoàng Thiên Cao Timothy Wong Tin Ko Hoàng Thiên Đạc Wong Tin Tok Hoàng Thục Nghi Gigi Wong Suk Yee Hoàng Trác Linh Ruby Wong Hoàng Trạch Phong Brian Wong Chak Fung Hoàng Tuệ Mẫn Amiko Wong Hoàng Tuấn Thân Wong Chun Sun Hoàng Tử Hành Steve Wong Tze Hang Huỳnh Tử Hoa Dayo Wong Tze Wah Hoàng Tử Vĩ Wong Tze Wai Hoàng Uẩn Nghiên Wong Wan Yin Hoàng Uyển Linh Race Wong Hoàng Uyển Quân Rosanne Wong Hoàng Văn Tiêu Wong Man Piu Hoàng Văn Tuệ Bonnie Wong Man Wai Hoàng Vĩ Lâm William Wong Wai Lam Hoàng Vĩ Văn Wyman Wong Wai Man Hoàng Vũ Thi Ursule Wong Yu Sze Hoàng Y Vấn Emme Wong Yee Man Hoắc Kiện Bang Kenneth Fok Hồ Bội Uý Paisley Hu Pui Wei Hồ Định Hân Nancy Wu Ting Yan Hồ Gia Huệ Wu Ka Wai Hồ Hạnh Nhi Myolie Wu Hang Yee Hồ Hồng Quân Hubert Wu Hung Kwan Hồ Khải Quang Wu Kai Kwong Hồ Nặc Ngôn Jack Wu Lok Yin Hồ Phong Woo Fung Hồ Quýnh Long Wu Kwing Lung Hồng Kim Bảo Hung Kam Bao Hồng Thiên Minh Timmy Hung Tin Ming Hồng Vĩnh Thành Tony Hung Wing Sung Huệ Anh Hồng Kara Wai Ying Hung Hùng Tiểu Vân Hung Siu Wan Huyền Trí Tuệ Maria Yuen Chi Wai Hứa Chí An Andy Hui Chi On Hứa Minh Chí Hui Ming Chi Hứa Quán Anh Ricky Hui Koon Ying Hứa Quan Kiệt Samuel Hui Hứa Quan Văn Michael Hui Kwan Man Hứa Thiệu Hùng Benz Hui Shiu Hung Hứa Văn Kiều Hui Man Kiu Hướng Hải Lam Anne Heung Hoi Lan Hoàng Nhật Hoa Felix Wong Yat Wah Huỳnh Trường Hưng Stefan Huynh / Stefan Wong Cheung Hing Huỳnh Trường Phát Françoi Huynh / Françoi Wong Cheung Fat Huỳnh Thu Sinh Anthony Wong Chau Sing Huỳnh Thuý Như Priscilla Wong Tsui Yu Huỳnh Tông Trạch Bosco Wong Chung Chak Huỳnh Trí Hiền Ben Wong Chi Yin Huỳnh Trí Văn Mandy Wong Chi Man Huỳnh Tử Hằng Hugo Wong Tsz Hang Huỳnh Tử Hùng Geoffrey Wong Tsz Hung K [ sửa, sửa mã nguồn] Kiều Bảo Bảo Gill Mohindepaul Singh Kim Hưng Hiền Kam Hing Yin Khang Hoa Akina Hong Wah Khang Tử Ni Lily Hong Tze Nee Khâu Khải Mẫn Anna Yau Khâu Thục Trinh / Khưu Thục Trinh Chingmy Yau Suk Ching Khâu Tử Hoành Yau Kevin Khâu Vạn Thành Samuel Yau Man Shing Khu Văn Thi Angela Au Man Sze Khương Đại Vệ John Chiang Dai Wai Khương Hạo Văn Philip Keung Hao Man Khương Lệ Văn Lesley Chiang Lai Man Khưu Tử Khiêm Ivan Yau Tze Him L [ sửa, sửa mã nguồn] La Chỉ Tình Yoyo Law / Law Tze Ching / Law Chi Ching La Gia Anh Law Ka Ying La Gia Lương Lo Ka Leung Gallen La Hạo Giai Lo Ho Kai Albert La Lan Law Lan Helena La Lâm Lo Lam (Law Lam) La Mãng Law Mong La Mẫn Trang Lo Man Chong Mimi La Mĩ Vi Lo May La Lạc Lâm Law Lok Lam La Quán Lan Lo Koon Lan La Quán Phong Law Kwun Fung Nicky La Quân Tả Loo Kwan Chor Elton La Thiên Trì Law Tin Chi La Vịnh Nhàn Law Wing Hin Iva Lạc Đạt Hoa Lok Tat Wah Ken Lạc Nhạc Lok Vivian Lạc Ứng Quân Lok Ying Kwan Felix Lai Uyển Đồng Lai Yuen Tung Yuki Lao Thiếu Quyên Lao Siu Kuen La Thiên Vũ Joey Law Tin Yu La Trọng Khiêm Law Chung Him Lam Dịch Bang Nan Pong Lăng Ba Lăng Đại Lăng Hán Ling Hon Lăng Lễ Văn Ling Lai Man Lăng Tử Hiên Ling Tze Hin Stephen Lâm Ảnh Hồng Lam Ying Hung Lâm Ánh Huy Lam Ying Fai Agnes Lâm Bảo Di Lam Po Yi Bowie Lâm Bội Quân Lam Pui Kwan Lâm Chí Hào Lin Zhi Hao (Kenny Lin-Teruyuki) Lâm Chỉ Quân Lam Tsz Kwan Safina Lâm Chánh Anh Lam Ching Ying Lâm Gia Đống Lam Ka Tung Gordon Lâm Gia Hân Karena Lam Ka Yan Lâm Giai Dung Lam Kai Yung Lâm Hải Phong Lam Hoi Fung Lâm Hạ Vy Rosina Lam Ha Mei Lâm Hiểu Phong Lam Hiu Fung (Lamb Jerry) Lâm Khải Ân Iris Lam Hoi Yan Lâm Kì Hân Lam Kei Yan Josephine Lâm Kính Cương Lam King Kong Lâm Mẫn Lị Lam Man Lee Tiffany Lâm Nhạc Dao Lam Lok Yiu Lâm Phong Lam Fung Raymond Lâm Quốc Bân Lam Kwok Bun Ben Lâm Tiểu Trạm Ong Alannah Lâm Thanh Hà Lin Ching Hsia Brigitte Lâm Thịnh Bân Bob Lam Shing Bun Lâm Thục Mẫn Lam Shuk Man Mandy Lâm Thượng Nghĩa Lam Spencer Lâm Tú Di Kisby Lam Lâm Tuệ Linh Lam Serena Lâm Tử Thiện Lam Tsz Sin Lâm Tử Tường Lam George Lâm Ức Liên Lam Sandy Lâm Văn Long Frankie Lam Man Lung Lâm Vĩ Lam Wai Lâm Vĩ Hùng Lim Wai Hung Lâm Vi Thần Lam Wai Sun Gilbert Lâm Viễn Nghênh Lam Yuen Ying Jason Lâm Vịnh Đông Lam Wing Tung Lâm Y Kì Lam Yi Kei Yammie Lâu Nam Quang Lau Nam Kwong Billy Lê Bỉ Đắc Lai Peter Lê Chỉ San Maria Luisa Leitao Lê Diệu Tường Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung Lê Minh Leon Lai Ming Lê Minh Nặc Lai Ming Lok Lê Nặc Ý Lai Lok Yi Chris Lê Thục Hiền Lai Bonnie Lê Tú Anh Lai Sau Ying Lê Tuyên Lai Shuen Lê Tư Lai Chi Gigi Lê Yến San Lai Yin San Liên Khải Lien Andrew Liên Thi Nhã Lin Sze Nga / Shiga Lin Si Nga Liêu Bích Nhân Liu Bernice Jan Liêu Khải Trí Liu Kai Chi Liêu Lệ Lệ Liu Lai Lai Lỗ Chấn Thuận Lo Chun Shun Lỗ Văn Kiệt Lo Man Kit Simon Lôi Ân Lui Yan Pristal Lợi Gia Nhân Lily Lục Hanh Minh Luk Hun Ming Lư Hải Bằng Lo Hoi Pang Lư Huệ Quang Low Kenneth / Ken Lo / Lo Wai Kwong Lư Khánh Huy Marco Lo Hing Fai Lư Niệm Quốc Lu Nim Kwok Lư Quán Đình Lowell Lo Kwun Ting Lư Thục Nghi Emily Lo Sui Yi Lư Uyển Nhân Angelina Lo Yuen Yen Lư Vĩnh Khuông Loo Wing Hon Lư Xảo Âm Candy Lo Hau Man Lữ Hữu Tuệ Lui Yau Wai Lữ Bái Lâm Dominic Lui Pui Lam Lữ Cán Văn Allen Lui Kon Man Lữ Lương Vĩ Lui Ray Lữ Phương Lui Fong Lữ San Rosenne Lui Shan Lữ Tinh Tinh Coffee Lui Lương Ái Leong Oy Lương Bảo Trinh Leung Bo Shing Lương Chứng Gia Kelvin Leung Ching Ka Lương Gia Huy Tony Leung Ka Fai Lương Gia Tốn Carson Leung Ka Shun Lương Gia Vịnh Mikako Leung Ka Wing Lương Hán Văn Edmond Leung Hon Man Lương Huy Tông Tony Leung Fai Chung Lương Kiến Bình Leung Kin Ping Lương Lạc Thi Isabella Leong / Leung Lok Sze Lương Lệ Oánh Devily Leung Lai Ying Lương Liệt Duy Oscar Leung Lit Wai Lương Mẫn Nghi Winnie Leung Lương Nghệ Linh Fiona Leung Ngai Ling Lương Tiểu Băng Noel Leung Siu Bing Lương Tịnh Kì Toby Leung Ching Ki Lương Thế Hoa Nick Leung Lương Thuấn Yên Lily Leung Suun Yin Lương Tổ Nghiêu Joey Leung Lương Tranh Jade Leung Lương Trí Đạt Anson Leung Lương Triều Vĩ Tony Leung Chiu Wai Lương Tuyết Mi Leung Suet Mei Lương Tư Hạo Spencer Leung Lương Vịnh Kì Gigi Leung Wing Kei Lương Vịnh Lâm Jade Leung Wing Lam Lương Vinh Trung Joey Leung Wing Chung Lương Uyển Tĩnh Iwanbeo Leung Yuen Ching Lưu Ân Tiệp Luarence Lau Lưu Bội Nguyệt Moon Lau Pui Yuet Lưu Cẩm Linh Jay Lau Kam Ling Lưu Chí Thanh Lau Chi Ching Lưu Chí Vinh David Lau Chi Wing Lưu Đan Lau Dan Lưu Đức Hoa Andy Lau Tak Wah Lưu Gia Huy Gordon Lau Ka Fai Lưu Gia Linh Carina Lau Ka Ling Lưu Gia Long Lau Ka Lung Lưu Gia Thông Martin Lau Ka Chung Lưu Giang Lau Kong Lưu Hạo Long Wilfred Lau Ho Lung Lưu Hiểu Đồng Bell Liew Hiu Tung Lưu Khải Uy Hawick Lau Hoi Wai Lưu Khắc Tuyên Lưu Khinh Cơ Lưu Mĩ San Lưu Ngọc Thúy Lau Yuk Chui Rain Lưu Nhã Lệ Lau Nga Lai Alice Lưu Quế Phương Lau Kwai Fong Lưu Tích Hiền Lau Shek Yin Lưu Thái Ngọc Lew Choi Yuk Pat Lưu Thanh Vân Lau Ching Wan Lưu Thâm Nghi Lau Sum Yee Lưu Thi Thi Cecilia Liu / Liu Shi Shi Lưu Triệu Minh Lau Siu Ming Lưu Tùng Nhân Lau Chung Yan Damian Lưu Xước Kì Liu Chuk Ki Patricia Lý Bội Du Lee Pui Yu Lý Chỉ Tinh Lý Dật Lãng Li Yat Long Don Lý Gia Đỉnh Lee Ka Ting Lý Gia Hân Michele Reis Lý Gia Thanh Li Ka Sing Dickson Lý Hải Sinh Lee Hoi Sang Lý Hạo Lâm Li Ho Lam Derek Lý Hồng Kiệt Li Hung Kit Lý Hương Cầm Lee Heung Kam Lý Khả Oánh Lee Jessica Lý Khải Kiệt Lee Kai Kit Lý Khắc Cần Lee Hacken Lý Lâm Ân Lee Lam Yan Glen Lý Lệ Lệ Li Lai Lai Lý Lệ Trân Lee Loretta Lý Loan Huy Lee Yuen Fai Lý Liên Kiệt Jet Li / Li Lian Jie Lý Long Cơ Li Loon Kei Lý Mĩ Phượng Lee Elizabeth Lý Minh Lệ Lee Karen Lý Nhật Thăng Lee Jonathan Lý Quốc Lân Lee Kwok Lun Lý San San Lee San San Lý Tiểu Long Bruce Lee Lý Thái Hoa Li Choi Wah Rain Lý Thái Ninh Li Choi Ling Lý Thành Xương Lee Shing Cheong Lý Thi Hoa Selena Lee Sze Wah Lý Thiên Tường Li Tin Cheung Eric Lý Trung Hi Lee Chung Hei Jones Lý Tu Hiền Li Danny Lý Tư Bội Lee Sze Pui Zuki Lý Tư Hân Li Sze Yan Charmaine Lý Tử Hùng Lee Chi Hung Waise Lý Tư Kì Lee Si Kei Louisa Lý Tử Kì Lee Chi Kay Lý Tư Tiệp Lee Johnson Lý Vĩ Kì Lee Wai Kay Lý Vĩnh Hào Lee Wing Ho Gregory Lý Vũ Dương Li Yu Yeung Eric Lý Xán Sâm Lee Sam / Sam Lee / Lee Chan Sam Lý Ỷ Văn Marine Lee Yee Man Lý Ỷ Hồng Lee Theresa Lý Yến San Li Tiffany M [ sửa, sửa mã nguồn] Mã Đề Lộ Ma Celine Mã Đức Chung Ma Tak Chung Joe Mã Hải Luân Ma Hoi Lun Helen Mã Quốc Minh Ma Kwok Ming Kenneth Mã Tiểu Linh Beh Yuen Wah Connie Mã Tinh Nghi Ma Ching Yee Mã Tuấn Vĩ Ma Chi Wai Steven Mã Tuấn Vinh Ma Chun Wing Mạc Gia Nghiêu Mok Ka Yiu Edward Mạc Văn Úy Morris Karen Joy Mạch Gia Mak Ka Mạch Gia Kì Mak Ka Ki Teresa Mạch Gia Luân Mak Ka Lun Mạch Minh Thi Louisa Mak Ming See Mạch Trường Thanh / Mạch Bao Mak Cheung Ching /Mak Bau/ Evergreen Mak Mạch Tuấn Long Mak Chun Lung Juno Mạch Tử Vân Mak Tze Wan Mai Diễm Phương Mui Anita Mai Tiểu Huệ Miu Siu Wai Cutie Mao Thuấn Quân Mo Shun Kwan Mễ Tuyết Yim Michelle Miêu Kiều Vĩ Miu Kiu Wai Michael Mông Gia Tuệ Mung Ka Wai Yoyo N [ sửa, sửa mã nguồn] Nặc Đồng Lok Ton Ngải Bích Ngải Uy Ai Wai Ngao Gia Niên Ngo Ka Nin Pierre Nghiêm Tuấn Yim Danny Nghiêm Văn Hiên Yim Man Hin Franky Ngọ Mã Wu Ma Ngô Bội Hiền Ngô Diệc Khiêm Ng Yic Khim Ngô Diệu Hán Ng Yiu Hon Richard Ngô Đình Hân Ng Lu Yan Lulu Ngô Gia Lệ Ngô Gia Nhạc Ng Ka Lok Carlo Ngô Hạo Khang Ng Deep Ngô Khải Hoa Ng Kai Wah Lawrence Ngô Kinh Wu Jing / Jacky Wu / Jason Wu Ngô Mạnh Đạt Ng Man Tat Ngô Mĩ Hoành Ng Mei Heng Melissa Ngô Quân Như Ng Sandra Ngô Trác Hi Ng Cheuk Hai Ron Ngô Trấn Vũ Ng Chang Yu Francis Ngũ Tuệ San Ng Wai Shan Ngô Úy Huỳnh Ng Wai Ying Ngô Uy Phượng Ng Wai Fung Ngô Văn Hãn Ng Man Yan Natalie Ngô Vỹ Hào Ng Wai Ho Ricco Ngô Ỷ Lợi Wu Yi Li Elaine Ngũ Doãn Long Philip Ng Ngũ Lạc Văn Ng Wing Yan Ivy Ngu Thiên Vĩ Yu Tin Wai Ngũ Văn Sinh Ng Man Sang Ngũ Vĩ Nhạc Ng Idea Ngũ Vịnh Vi Ng Wing Mei Christine Ngụy Huệ Văn Ngai Wai Man Ngụy Tuấn Kiệt Ngai Chun Kit Marco Nguyên Bưu Yuen Biao / Ha Ling Chun Nguyễn Đức Thương Yuen Tak Cheung Johnson Nguyên Hoa Yuen Wah Nguyên Khuê Corey Yuen Nguyễn Tiểu Nghi Yuen Kitty Nguyên Thu Yuen Qiu Nguyễn Triệu Tường Yuen Siu Cheong Louis Nguyên Tử Huệ Yuan Hu Ma Marsha Nhan Quốc Lương Ngan Kwok Leung Johnny Nhan Tụng Thi Ngan Bobo Nhậm Cảng Tú Yam Kong-Sau Jenny Nhậm Đạt Hoa Yam Simon Nhậm Hiền Tề Ricky (Richie Jen) Ninh Tiến Ning Jin Ô [ sửa, sửa mã nguồn] Ôn Bích Hà Wan Irene Ôn Dụ Hồng Wan Yue Hung Ôn Triệu Luân Wan Siu Lun Deric Ông Hồng Yung Ewong Ông Mĩ Linh P [ sửa, sửa mã nguồn] Phạm Văn Nhã Aliya Fan Man Nga Phan Địch Poon Tik Oscar Phan Hiểu Đồng Poon Hiu Tung Rachel Phan Triết Huyền Poon Jazz Phàm Thiếu Hoàng Fan Siu Wong Louis Phó Dĩnh Fu Theresa Phó Gia Lợi Fu Ka Lee Kelly Phó Kiếm Hồng Fu Kim Hung Phó Sở Hủy Fu Chor Wai Olivia Phù Tư Tư Fu Sze Sze Phùng Bảo Bảo Fung Bo Bo Petrina Phùng Doanh Doanh Crystal Fung Ying Ying Phùng Đức Luân Fung Tak-Luen Stephen Phùng Đĩnh Nhiên Fung Timothy Phùng Hiểu Văn Fung Hiu Man Michelle Phùng Tố Ba Fung So Bor Phòng Tổ Danh Chan Jaycee Phùng Túy Phàm Fung Shui-Fan Stanley Phương Kiệt Fong Kit Phương Lực Thân Fong Nic Sung Alex Phương Trung Tín Fong Chung Sun Alex Phương Y Kì Fong Yi Kei Q [ sửa, sửa mã nguồn] Quách Ái Minh Kwok Hoi Ming Amy Quách Cẩm Ân Kwok Kam Yan Crystal Quách Chính Hồng Kwok Jing Hung Derek Quách Diệu Minh Kwok Yiu Ming Mark Quách Đức Tín Kwok Tat Shin Quách Khả Doanh Kwok Ho Ying Kenix Quách Phong Kwok Fung Quách Phú Thành Kwok Fu Shing Aaron Quách Tấn An Kwok Chun On Roger Quách Tử Hào Arnold Kwok Tsz Ho Quách Thiện Ni Kwok Sonija Quách Thiếu Vân Kwok Siu Wan Florence Quách Trác Hoa Kwok Cheu Kwan Quách Văn Long Kwok Man Lung Quan Bảo Tuệ Kwan Bo Wai Emily Quan Đức Huy Kwan Teik Hooi Auguste Quan Hải Sơn Kwan Hoi Shan Quan Lễ Kiệt Kwan Lai Kit Eddie Quan Trí Bân Kwan Kenny Quan Cúc Anh Susanna Kwan Quan Trọng Minh Koon Jamies Quan Vĩ Luân Kwan Wai Lun Quan Vịnh Hà Kwan Wing Ho Esther Quan Y Đồng Kwan Yi Tung Anita Quảng Mĩ Vân Kwong Kelly Quảng Tá Huy Kwong Chor Fai Quang Tinh Kwan Ching Quảng Văn Tuần Kwong Karyn (May) S [ sửa, sửa mã nguồn] Sầm Bảo Nhân Shum Po Yee Sầm Lệ Hương Eliza Sam Lai Hueng Sĩ Long Chi Long Sở Nguyên Yuen Chor T [ sửa, sửa mã nguồn] Tạ Đình Phong Tse Ting Fung Nicholas Tạ Hiền Tse Patrick Tạ Lãng Đình Tse Long Ting Joey Tạ Quân Hào Tse Kwan Ho Tạ Thiên Hoa Tse Tin Wah Michael Tả Tuệ Kì Jolly Victoria Jane Tạ Tuyết Tâm Tse Suet Sum Tạ Uyển Đình Tse Yuen Ting Tiffany Tác Y Bưu Soininvaara biao Tào Chúng Chao Chung Jojo Tào Mẫn Lị Cho Mandy Lee Tào Vĩnh Liêm Cho Wing Lim Raymond Tăng Cận Vinh Tăng Chí Vĩ Tsang Chi Wai Eric Tăng Giang Tsang Kong Kenneth Tăng Kiện Minh Tsang Kin Ming Leo Tăng Thủ Minh Tsang Sau Ming Raymond Tăng Tuệ Vân Tsang Wai Wan Tăng Vĩ Minh Tsang Wai Ming Tăng Vĩ Quyền Tsang Wai Kuen Savio Tăng Vĩ Trung Tsang Wau Chung Tăng Yến Đinh Tsang Apple Tần Hoàng Chun Wong Tần Khải Duy Chun Kai Wai Tần Phái Chun Pui Paul Tần Tường Lâm Chun Charlie Tất Sở Quân Pat Chor Kwan Gloria Tiền Gia Lạc Chin Ka Lok Tiền Tiểu Hào Chin Siu Ho Tiết Gia Yến Sit Ka Yin Nancy Tiết Khải Kì Sit Fiona Tiết Lập Hiền Sit Lap Yin Tiêu Chính Nam Siu Ching Lam Edwin Tiêu Hùng Chiu Hung Tiêu Huy Dũng Siu Fai Yung Gordon Tiêu Lượng Siu Leung Robert Tiêu Phương Phương Siu Josephine Thạch Kiên Thạch Tu Chan Shek Sau Bill Thái Dục Du Choi Yu Yu Thái Lập Thái Nhất Kiệt Choy Yat Kit Remus Thái Nhất Trí Choy Yat Chi Calvin Thái Kì Tuấn Choi Kay Chun Vin Thái Khang Niên Choi Hong Nin Miguel Thái Khiết Văn Choi Kit Man Rubyanne Thái Quốc Khánh Choi Kok Hing Thái Quốc Uy Choi Kwok Wai Thái Thiếu Phân Choi Siu Fan Ada Thái Trác Nghiêm Choi Cheuk Yin Charlene Thái Tuệ Mẫn Choi Wai Man Joey Thái Tử Kiện Choy Tsz Kin Ellesmere Thái Tư Bối Sisley Choi Thang Bảo Như Tong Bo Yu Karen Thang Doanh Doanh Tong Ying Ying Angela Thang Trấn Nghiệp Kent Tong Thang Tuấn Minh Tong Chun Ming Thành Già Oánh Shing Ka Ying Jenny Thành Khuê An Sing Fui On Thành Long Jackie Chan Thẩm Chấn Hiên Sum Chun Hin Sammy Thành Thục Nhàn Shing Helena Thành Triển Huyền Shing Derrick Thẩm Dĩnh Đình Shum Winnie Thẩm Điện Hà Sum Tin Ha Lydia Thẩm Khả Hân Shum Ho Yan Janice Thi Niệm Từ Sie Celia Thích Đại Đại Chi Priscilla Thích Hàng Vũ / Thích Đình Năng Xing Yu / Shi Xing Yu / Shi Yan Neng Thiệu Mĩ Kì Shiu Mei Ki Maggie Thiệu Trác Nghiêu Siu Cheuk Yiu Andy Thiệu Truyền Dũng Zau Timothy Thủy Minh Kì Shui Ming Ki Amelia Thư Kỳ Shu Qi Thương Thiên Nga Sheung Tin Ngor Kiki Tô Ân Từ So Yan Chee Tô Chí Uy So Chi Wai Edmond Tô Lệ Minh So Lai Ming Tô Mẫn Thông So Dennis Tô Ngọc Hoa So Yuk Wa Louisa Tổ Tôn Ni Á Joe Junior Tô Vận Tư Andrea So Wen Chi Tô Vĩnh Khang So Wing Hong William Tôn Quý Khanh Sun Kwai Hing Tống Bản Trung Soong Boonh Chong Tống Chi Linh Sung Chih Ling Angel Tống Tử Doanh Sung Tsz Ying Trác Lịch Chalk North Trần An Kì Chan On Kei Angela Trần An Oánh Chan On Ying Trần Bách Tường Chan Pak Cheung Natalis Trần Bảo Châu Chen Connie Trần Bảo Viên Chan Po Yuen Ricky Trần Bội San Chan Pui San Joanna Trần Cảnh Côn Chan King Kwan Trần Cẩm Hồng Chan Kam Hung Sunny Trần Chấn An Chan Andy Trần Diệu Anh Chan Miu Ying Mariane Trần Dịch Tấn Chan Yik Shun Eason Trần Dĩnh Nghi Chan Penny Trần Dĩnh Nghiên Chan Wing Yin Anita Trần Đan Đan Chan Tan Tan Queena Trần Địch Khắc Chan Dick Hark Trần Đình Oai Nathan Chan Tinh Wai Trần Đức Văn Chan Tak Man Trần Gia Nghi Chan Kar Yue Trần Hào Chan Ho Mosses Trần Hạo Dân Chan Ho Man Benny Trần Hân Kiện Philip Chan Yan Kin Trần Hồng Liệt Chan Hung Lit Trần Kì Chan Kei Angel Trần Kiện Phong Chan Kin Fung Sammuel Trần Khải Di Chan Hoi Yee Trần Khải Lâm Chan Hoi Lam Grace Trần Khải Thái Chan Kai Tai Kenneth Trần Khôn Chan Kwan Oscar Trần Linh Lị Chan Ling Li Trần Long Chan Lung / Peter Chan Lung Trần Mai Hi Chan Wing Han Trần Mạn Na Chan Man Ngor Trần Mẫn Chi Chan Man Cheel Sharon Trần Mẫn Đình Trần Mĩ Kì Chan Mei Kei Maggie Trần Miễn Lương Chan Min Leung Trần Niệm Quân Chan Nim Kuan Trần Ngạn Hành Chen Yin Hang Joyce Trần Ngọc Liên Chan Idy Trần Pháp Lạp Chan Fat Lai Fala Trần Quán Hi Chen Kwoon Hei Edison Trần Quốc Bang Chan Kwok Pong Power Trần Sĩ Văn Chan Sze Man Franco Trần Sở Kiều Chan Chor Kiu Trần Sơn Thông Chan Shan Chung Joel Trần Tễ Bình Chen Chai Ping Maria Trần Tiểu Xuân Chan Siu Chun Jordon Trần Thiếu Bang Chan Siu Pong Bond Trần Thiếu Hà Chan Choi Nan Cherie Trần Thục Lan Chan Sheila Trần Thụy Hoa Chan Star Moon Trần Triển Bằng Chan Chin Pang Ruco Trần Trung Kiên Chan Chung Kin Trần Tú Châu Chan Sau Chu Rebecca Trần Tú Văn Chan Amy Trần Tuệ Lâm Chen Wai Lam Kelly Trần Tuệ San Chan Wai San Flora Trần Tùng Linh Chan Chung Ling Nadia Trần Tự Dao Chen Chi Yiu Yoyo Trần Uyển Kì Chan Yuen Kei Jolie Trần Văn Tĩnh Chan Man Ching ChaCha Trần Văn Viên Chan Bobo Trần Vinh Tuấn Chan Wing Chun Trần Vũ Sâm Chan Yu Sam Sam Trần Oánh Triệu Dũng Zhao Yong Triệu Nhã Chi Chiu Ngar Chi Angie (Gigi) Triệu Học Nhi Chiu Hok Yi Bondy Triệu Mẫn Thông Chiu Man Tung Triệu Tĩnh Nghi Chiu Ching Yi Candy Triệu Tụng Như Chiu Chang Yu Triệu Vĩnh Hồng Chiu Wing Hung Ray Trịnh Bội Bội Cheng Pei Pei Trịnh Du Linh Cheng Yu Ling / Carol Cheng Trịnh Đan Thụy Cheng Tin Shui Lawrence Trịnh Gia Dĩnh Cheng Ka Wing Kevin Trịnh Gia Sinh Cheng Ka San Trịnh Hạo Nam Mark Cheng Ho Nam Trình Khả Vi Ching Hor Wai Trịnh Khải Lâm Cheng Lum Lum Trịnh Kiện Nhạc Cheng Rocky Trịnh Kính Cơ Cheng King Ki Joe Trịnh Tắc Sĩ Kent Cheng / Cheng Jak Si Trình Tiểu Long Chen Siu Loong Trịnh Thế Hào Cheng Sai Ho Trịnh Thiếu Thu Cheng Siu Chow (Chong-Sai) Adam Trịnh Thứ Phong Cheng Shu Fung Trịnh Tổ Joe Cheng Cho Trịnh Trung Cơ Cheng Chung Kei Ronald Trịnh Tú Văn Cheng Sau Man Sammi Trịnh Tuyết Nhân Michelle Saram Trịnh Tử Thành Cheng Tse Sing Timothy Trịnh Y Kiện Cheng Yee Kin Ekin Trương Anh Tài Cheung Yin Choi Trương Bách Chi Cheung Pak Zi Cecelia Trương Bối Thiến Cheung Pui Sai Guichard Trương Cảnh Thuần Cheung King Shun Trương Đạt Minh Cheung Tat Ming Trương Già Doanh Trương Gia Huy Cheung Ka Fai Nick Trương Gia Luân Cheung Ben Trương Hán Bân Cheung Hon Bun Trương Hi Kiệt Cheung Hey Kit Andy Trương Hiểu Lam Cheung Hiu Lam Trương Học Hữu Cheung Hok Yau Jacky Trương Hồng Xương Cheung Hung Cheong Trương Hy Văn Trương Khả Di Cheung Ho Yee Maggie Trương Khiết Liên Cheung Kit Lin Jacqueline Trương Lôi Cheung Marx Trương Mạn Đồng Trương Mạn Ngọc Cheung Maggie Trương Mẫn Trương Mĩ Ni Cheung Mei Ni Geena Trương Ngạn Bác Cheung Yin Pok Bob Trương Quốc Cường Cheung Kwok Keung Trương Quốc Hồng Cheung Kwok Hung Dennis Trương Quốc Quyền Trương Quốc Vinh Cheung Leslie Trương Sân Duyệt Cheung Sam Yue Nicola Trương Trí Hằng Cheung Steven Trương Trí Hiên Cheung Chi Hin Russell Trương Trí Lâm Cheung Chi Lam Julian Trương Trí Nghiêu Ken Chang / Cheung Chi Yiu Trương Triệu Huy Cheung Siu Fai Eddie Trương Tuệ Nghi Cheung Wai Yi Angie Trương Tùng Chi Cheung Chung Chi Deno Trương Văn Từ Cheung Pinky Trương Vệ Kiện Cheung Wai Kin Dicky Tuyên Huyên Hsuan Jessica Hester Tuyết Ni Suet Nay Từ Cẩm Giang Tư Đồ Thụy Kì Szeto Shui Kee Charles Từ Gia Nhạc Chui Ka Nok Gaylord Từ Hào Oanh Tsui Hilary Từ Thiên Hữu Chui Tien You Từ Tử Kì Chui Chi Kay Cathy Từ Tử San Tsui Tsz Shan Kate Từ Vinh Tsui Wing Tưởng Chí Quang Tseung Chi Kwong Nick Tưởng Khắc Tseung Hak Tưởng Nhã Văn Chiang Mandy U [ sửa, sửa mã nguồn] Uông Lâm Wang Lam Irene Uông Minh Thuyên Wang Ming Chun Liza Uyển Quỳnh Đan Yuen King Dan Kingdom V [ sửa, sửa mã nguồn] Vạn Tử Lương Man Alex Vạn Ỷ Văn Meng Yee Man Joey Văn Khiết Vân Man Kit Wan Văn Sâm Man Sum Văn Tụng Nhàn Man Chung Han Annie Vận Chi Vệ Lan Janice Vệ Thi Jill Vi Gia Hùng Wi Kar Hung Vi Hoằng Viên Khiết Doanh Yuen Kit Ying Fennie Viên Thái Vân Yuen Choi Wan Fiona Viên Văn Kiệt Yuen Andrew Viên Vịnh Nghi Yuen Wing Yi Anita Viên Vỹ Hào Yuen Wai Ho Benjamin Vu Dương Yu Yong Vương Bỉnh Hi Wong Jaffrey Vương Duy Đức Wong Wai Tak Vương Gia Xương Wong Josh Vương Hạo Phong Wong Ho Fung Vương Hạo Tín Vicent Wong Hao Sen Vương Hỉ Wong He Vương Hiền Chí Wong Vinci Vương Kiệt Wang Chieh Dave Vương Khả Huệ Wong Ho Wai Edith Vương Khải Linh Wong Klaine Vương Lỗi Wang Kitty Vương Phi Wong Faye Vương Quán Trung Wong Koon Chung Andes Vương Quân Hinh Grace Wong Kwan Hing Vương Thanh Wong Ching Vương Thiếu Bình Wong Siu Ping Vương Thụ Hi Wong Jacky Vương Tổ Hiền Wong Joey Vương Tổ Lam Wong Cho Lam Vương Tuấn Đường Wong Chun Tong Ricky Vương Uyển Chi Wong Ivana Vương Văn Hi Wong Man Hei Vương Vĩ Wong Wei Vương Vĩ Lương Wong Wai Leung Vưu Trình Yau Ching X [ sửa, sửa mã nguồn] Xa Bảo La Carr Paul Xa Thi Mạn Sheh Sze Man Charmaine Xa Uyển Uyển Che Yuen-Yuen Stephine Y [ sửa, sửa mã nguồn] Y Chí Cường Y Dương Minh Wan Yeung Ming Y Thiên Chiếu Wan Eric Tham khảo [ sửa, sửa mã nguồn.

Ye wen xin. Why does donnie yen make such amazing ass movies. Ye wen 4. Ye Wen 4.5. Spending Per Head More Please select a maximum of {maxSelectCount} items. OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards Winners OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards Michelin Guide Street Food Sheung Wan Sheung Wan Municipal Services Building And Civic Centre The Peak Peak Galleria Shopping Centre Admiralty Lab Concept Queensway Plaza Wan Chai Causeway Centre (Brim 28) Hong Kong Convention And Exhibition Centre Lockhart Road Municipal Services Building Chai Wan New Jade Garden Shopping Arcade Mong Kok Ho King Commercial Centre Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong Cultural Centre Tsz Wan Shan Tsz Wan Shan Shopping Centre Tsuen Wan Tai Hung Fai (Tsuen Wan) Centre Tuen Mun Sun Tuen Mun Shopping Centre Tin Shui Wai Fortune Kingswood (Former: Kingswood Ginza) Chek Lap Kok Non-Restricted Area - HKIA Terminal 1 Non-Restricted Area - HKIA Terminal 2 Passenger Clearance Building, HK-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Restricted Area - HKIA Terminal East Tsim Sha Tsui Station Hong Kong West Kowloon Station Western District Best Western Hotel Harbour View Holiday Inn Express Hong Kong Soho Ibis Hong Kong Central & Sheung Wan Hotel Central Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong The Landmark Mandarin Oriental The Murray, Hong Kong, a Niccolo Hotel Empire Hotel Hong Kong - Wan Chai Hotel Indigo Hong Kong Island Kew Green Hotel Wanchai Hong Kong Novotel Century Hong Kong Renaissance Harbour View Hotel The Charterhouse Causeway Bay Hotel Causeway Bay Best Western Hotel Causeway Bay Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Causeway Bay The Vela Hong Kong Causeway Bay Tin Hau Empire Hotel Hong Kong - Causeway Bay L'Hotel Causeway Bay Harbour View Metropark Hotel Causeway Bay Hong Kong North Point Harbour Plaza North Point Hyatt Centric Victoria Harbour Hong Kong Ibis North Point Hotel Hong Kong Aberdeen Caritas Oswald Cheung International House Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel Cordis, Hong Kong at Langham Place Lodgewood by Lhotel Mongkok Hong Kong Tai Kok Tsui Silka West Kowloon Hotel Hong Kong Jordan Novotel Nathan Road Kowloon Hong Kong Best Western Plus Hotel Kowloon Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui InterContinental Grand Stanford Hotel InterContinental Hong Kong Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel Oasis Avenue – A GDH HOTEL The Empire Hotel Kowloon - Tsim Sha Tsui Hung Hom Kowloon Harbourfront Hotel Kwun Tong Dorsett Kwun Tong Hong Kong Sha Tin Courtyard By Marriott Hong Kong Sha Tin Hotel Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Shatin L'hotel Nina Et Convention Centre Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel Harbour Plaza Resort City Tseung Kwan O Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Kowloon East Holiday Inn Express Hong Kong Kowloon East Tung Chung Novotel Citygate Hong Kong Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel Lantau Island Disneys Hollywood Hotel Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Middle Eastern / Mediterranean All Middle Eastern / Mediterranean Social Enterprise Restaurant Salt & Sugar Reduction Restaurants Healthy Food / Vegetarian All Healthy Food / Vegetarian Seasonal/Traditional Food All Seasonal/Traditional Food Chinese New Year Products Online Shop/ Food Distributor Table Booking Shop B1, G/F, Kwong Sang Hong Building, 6 Heard Street, Wan Chai Milk Tea Toast with Scrambled Egg 紅豆蓮子冰 Crispy Bun with Sweet Condensed Milk G/F, 107 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mong Kok 奶茶 炒蛋多士 脆皮奶油豬仔 G/F, Shun King Building, 185-187 Shau Kei Wan Main Street East, Shau Kei Wan Shop A, G/F, Kwong Wah Centre, 36-38 Hop Choi Street, Yuen Long Shop 31, G/F, Tai Wo Center, 15 Tai Po Tai Wo Road, Tai Po Shop 4, Food Mark Food Court, 1/F, T-Mall, 18 Tai Ho Road, Tsuen Wan Shop 7, G/F, Foo Yu Building, 4 Foo Wing Street, Tsuen Wan Shop 9, G/F, Block A, Fu Loy Garden, 7 Ma Wang Road, Yuen Long 2/F, Energy Plaza, 92 Granville Road, Tsimshatsui East, Tsim Sha Tsui Shop 124, G/F, Ho King Bldg, 110 On Ning Road, Yuen Long Show closed restaurants ( 9.

Ye wen 4 review. Great. I enjoyed it. Ye wen 4 showtimes. Ip upstaged him from the start of the fight to the end. Even when the general got in a hit, it looked like it was only done so luckily. Ip Man is the goat. Ip practiced on woodman for years and this poor bastard asked for it. Wah Ching (華青) Wah Ching Bloods Founded 1960s Founding location San Francisco, California, United States Years active 1960s – present [1] Territory (Head Quarters) San Francisco, California, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, California, Santa Ana, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, Reno, Nevada, United States, China, Hong Kong [ citation needed] Ethnicity Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans, Filipinos, Cambodian Americans, Vietnamese Americans, Korean Americans [ citation needed] Criminal activities murder, arms trafficking, Drug trafficking, extortion, money laundering, prostitution, illegal gambling, loan sharking, fraud, counterfeit, software piracy [ citation needed] Allies 14K Triad, Tiny Rascal Gang, Oriental Lazy Boyz, Asian Society, Hop Sing Boys, Bloods, Tokyo Boyz (Sub-Set) Sinaloa Cartel, Latin Kings, Bamboo Union, Flying Dragons, Menace of Destruction, Wo Hop To and other Wo family Triads [ citation needed] Rivals Aryan Brotherhood, Asian Boyz, Crips (some sets) Vietnamese Boyz, Jackson Street Boys, Black Dragons (gang) Joe Boys, MS-13 Wah Ching ( traditional Chinese: 華青; simplified Chinese: 华青; pinyin: Huá Qīng) is a Chinese American / Japanese American Triad /secret society and blood affiliated street gang also known as "Dub C" or "Insane Dragons" that was founded in San Francisco, California during the early 1960s. The Wah Ching has been involved in crimes ranging from street level narcotic sales, to plots to assassinate the president of Taiwan. [2] History [ edit] Wah Ching is composed mainly of young men. Triad member clothing ranges from casual to business attire making it hard for officials to distinguish them from other citizens. The Wah Ching was founded mainly by immigrants from Taiwan and Hong Kong who were fleeing communist China. As a result, the Wah Ching was first founded as a political activist group that avidly opposed the communist regime in China. However as time progressed, the Wah Ching quickly became a street gang through Tong affiliations but still kept their nationalist political views. Wah Ching first received widespread media attention because of the 1977 Golden Dragon Massacre (GDM) involving another Chinese gang, the Chung Ching Yee Joe Boys (JBS. The event took place at the Golden Dragon Restaurant in San Francisco's Chinatown. Five people were killed, and eleven others were injured. None of the victims were gang members. Five Joe Boys members were convicted of the shooting. The cause of the attack was vandalism by Wah Ching to the graves of several Joe Boy members and a shootout that took place a few months earlier that left one Joe Boy dead and two others wounded. [3] 4] After the shootout occurred, the Wah Ching, though none of them had been killed or even injured in the attack, still killed several Joe Boys in retaliation. In 1991, Danny "Ah Pai" Wong, the leader of Wah Ching, was shot and killed by Wo Hop To (WHT) hitmen. After the murder, most of the Wah Ching began working with the Wo Hop To. After law enforcement cracked down on the Wo Hop To around 1992, former Wah Ching members who had defected to the Wo Hop To founded the Jackson Street Boys, a gang based in San Francisco's Chinatown which resumed what a SFPD officer described in 2000 as "the same stuff on a smaller scale and without the same visibility" including extortion of local merchants and operating gambling dens. [5] In the mid-1990s, the Wah Ching was reported as being engaged in murder, extortion, drug trafficking and gambling, and expanded into software bootlegging. [6] The Wah Ching Gang has an ongoing conflict with another rival Asian gang in Los Angeles, the Asian Boyz (ABZ) who also aligned themselves with the Vietnamese Boyz (VBZ) in opposition to Wah Ching. Wah Ching's move from its original home in the Bay Area to the southern California region is probably one of the sources of the disputes over gang turf. Over the decades, the Wah Ching has evolved from a street gang to an organized crime group, however, due to the fact that a lot of the Wah Chings criminal activity and murders have been motivated by political agendas, some agencies have classified the Wah Ching as a political terrorist organization [7] is law enforcement anecdotal evidence that suggests as a group the gang has developed strong associations with other Asian organized crime groups, such as the Wo Hop To and 14K Triads in Hong Kong. Currently, the gang have shown signs of mixed ideology. Despite the fact that Wah Ching in Chinese literally means "Chinese Youth" there are still some individuals of non-Chinese descent who claim Wah Ching. The gang now consists of a large number of Vietnamese, Japanese, and Hmong members. [5] The same applies with their rivals, the Vietnamese Boyz, who have a great number of Chinese members. Rivalries/Notable crimes [ edit] The Wah Ching has been in a long conflict with the Asian Boyz. [8] One of the first shootouts between the two the gangs occurred in the 1990s. The shooting occurred in El Monte at a pool hall. An Asian Boyz gang member, Lea Mek, was killed by Wah Ching gang member Chieu Luong Yang. Another shootout between the two gangs occurred in San Marino that led to the deaths of two youths at a San Marino High School graduation party in June. After an investigation by the authorities, police claimed that when the Asian Boyz gang members arrived to the party, they saw that Wah Ching gang members were there, so they left and came back later with weapons to open fire on the latter. Over nine gang members were arrested. Police searched the homes of the gang members and seized five weapons. The shootouts between the two gangs were called "Summer Madness" by the Asian Boyz gang and resulted in at least 42 deaths on both sides. 9] 8] in 2001, a 17–year–old Wah Ching member, who was an advanced placement student at Diamond Bar High School, shot and killed two members of the rival San Gabriel Killas (SGK) while attending a football game. On December 2005, a 20 year old Wah Ching member murdered a Chicano man with unknown gang affiliation by running over him with a car in front of his house. He repeatedly backed over the man with the car while holding down the car's horn to ensure that neighbors in the area saw the act. On June 2, 2007, Anh Duoc Nguyen, a member of Monterey Park-Side Wah Ching shot at five people in Westminster's Bowling Green Park, severely injuring one. The shootout was believed to be motivated by the fact that one of the victims changed his Myspace page bio to read "garden gang. Sometime in 2009, a 14 year old member of Ocean-Side Wah Ching got into an argument with members of a rival Hispanic gang. During the argument, police report that one of the Hispanic gang members called the Asian teen a "Chink" and told him to "Go back to China. The Wah Ching gangster responded to the racial slur by pulling out a. 45 caliber pistol and shooting the rival gang member 7 times. In 2011, a police raid in San Gabriel Valley dubbed "Operation Paint it Black" led to the arrests of 18 Wah Ching gang members, the seizure of 12, 500 ecstasy pills, over 2, 000 marijuana plants, and 70 firearms, 27 of which were fully automatic. [10] Organization/Sides [ edit] The Wah Ching is extremely organized, its main structure consists of one main boss under the union and various factions called "sides" who have leaders or "Lung Tao" Dragon Heads) who work together to organize their syndicates with the sole purpose of making money. The number of members in each side can vary anywhere from a few dozen to a couple thousand, and the total number of sides is believed to be around 10. [11. dead link] L. A. /Southern California sides of the Wah Ching: Sonny-Side (SS-23. One of the four original sides, estimated membership of ~4, 000. Ken-Side (KS-23. One of the four original sides, estimated membership of ~5, 000. Paul-Side (PS-23. One of the four original sides, estimated membership of ~2, 000. P-Side is located in the Greater Los Angeles area and is known for generating most of their income through legal means. Paul-Side was founded by Paul A, the youngest member of the Wah Ching to hold a position of a Triad Boss. Taiwanese-Side (TS-23/Taiwanese Sunny Side-23. One of the four original sides, estimated membership of ~20 Monterey Park-Side (MP-Side/ MP-23. Located in Monterey Park, MP-Side is infamous for its narcotics salesand involvement in mass shootings, and along with Alhambra side was founded by members of Ken-Side and Sonny-Side. Alhambra-Side (A-Side/ AS-23. Located in Alhambra, A-Side was founded by members of Ken-Side and Sonny-Side. Ocean-Side (OS-23. Although a relatively new side, Ocean-Side has gained a reputation for being extremely violent and committing an abundant number of crimes. Flip-Side (FS-23. A side of the Wah Ching composed mainly of Filipinos, Flip-Side was believed to be the side that affiliated the Wah Ching with Bloods. The four original sides, Ken-Side, Paul-Side, T-Side, and Sonny-Side have a close relationship with one another and high-ranking members from those sides are believed to be unified under the highly sophisticated "Black Lotus Syndicate" The known East-Bay/Northern California Sides: 510-side (EO-23. Located in East Oakland, this side was founded by OG members of Wah Ching, and some Hop Sing Boys. The gang became infamous for its ruthlessness after requiring newly initiated members to "23-mark" a rival gang member. This initiation required one to beat a rival gang member either to death or to the point of unconsciousness, then to take a knife and carve a phrase such as "Wah Ching" or "Property of EO-23" onto the victims chest or forehead. Jackson-Side (Insane-Side Dragon Tribe/ Tokyo Boyz /JS-23. Jackson-Side was founded by members of Alhambra-Side and Monterey Park-Side who went back to San Francisco to reestablish the gang's presence. When it was founded, Jackson-Side had no more than 100 members. However, shortly after it was founded, Jackson-Side merged with a local Japanese-American street gang known as Tokyo Boyz and after a few years, Jackson-Side grew to over 1, 000 members. Recently, Jackson-Side Wah Ching has been more commonly known as Insane-Side Wah Ching, due to the Wah Ching's rivalry with the similarly named Jackson Street Boys as well as the gang's habit for gruesome crimes such as 23-marking. Jackson-Side Wah Ching gang members are also recognized Chinese Playground Boys. 70-Side (X7-23) 70-Side is a defunct side of the Wah Ching that was located on Alameda Island. References [ edit] "Life and Violent Death of Tony Young. SCMP. November 17, 2017. Retrieved April 16, 2019. ^ Make First Arrest in Golden Dragon Massacre of 1977, UPI, March 24, 1978. ^ People v. Yu (1983) 143 358, 191 859. Court of Appeals of California. Retrieved February 10, 2014. ^ a b Isaacs, Matt (June 14, 2000. Twice Burned. San Francisco Weekly. ^ Quittner, Joshua (June 5, 1995. THE HOTTEST SOFTWARE IN TOWN. Time. Retrieved December 1, 2019. ^ a b "Multi Agency Effort to Bring Two Violent Gang members to Justice. Retrieved February 14, 2015. ^ Viki Torres (August 19, 1994. Officials Link Gang Rivalry to Party Slayings. LA Times. Retrieved February 14, 2015. ^ 18 arrested in operation targeting San Gabriel Valley Asian gangs. WDN. May 21, 2011. Retrieved May 16, 2019. ^ Asian Boyz Gang vs Wah Ching Gang in Los Angeles - Asian Boyz Gang Documentary. gangland. May 21, 2010. Retrieved February 16, 2019. External links [ edit] Reference to pool hall shooting.

Ye wen 50 instagram. Rip master ip man and bruce lee. My respects to this Legend any more videos of Him. I really did enjoy Miura as the main villain, he was a believable and interesting morally grey antagonist that showed there actually were honorable people fighting for Japan that wanted to win the right and honorable way instead of doing underhanded shit Too bad those people tend to get completely eclipsed by the dickheads you find in the bunch. Thank you. When Ip Man Folds up his full sleeves then you can go home without any argument 🤣. Los subtitulos estan horribles, ¿Como hacemos y te ayudo a mejorarlos.

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When this film airing in indonesian. Ye Wen 4.0. A lot of chess gm exposed their skills my style will always be yip man. look how he fight he doesnt compete hes done competing me too. defense and attack. Ye wen 42. I think Ip man would have live longer if he quit smoking when he was a young man. Ye web 4. N.c. wow. amazing. Ye wen 4 full movie. Ye wen 4 amc.

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